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It’s been a fairly nice day. Gotta sleep in for the first time in ages. Had already-ironed clothes to wear. Ate nachos for “brunch.”

David got to play with another baby today. It was so very adorable. I got pictures of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some of them later today. I’m heading out to pick up the developed film now. 🙂

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Meep meep meep!

I got to talk to my half-brother for the first time ever! *bounces all around* It was beyond wonderful. He says he’s weird, the oddball of the family, but that just means that he’s very much like me! :) He’s into music, computers, and Wicca…all of which I am interested in.

*spins around*

I’m very happy, can you tell?

In other news, we got David a little sweatshirt– the kind with a hood and pockets that zips up –and he looks totally adorable in it! If my digital camera worked, I’d shove up a picture of him right now, but it’s broken. *sigh*

Mmm…time for dinner now…taco soup…mmmm….

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Ok…I’m here in CS now.

Ok…I’m here in CS now. Excitement, excitement.

David has a walker now. My mom got it for him. He’s so cute in it. He doesn’t quite touch the floor, but he’s having fun exploring all the buttons and knobs on it. It’s nice and noisy. woo-hoo!


That’s about it…other than the fact that it’s been a bad food day and I hate Boston Market and trees in the road are just a VeryBadThing.

Yeah. it’s been one of those days.

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I’ve had a fairly lovely day so far today. Got to spend part of the morning rolling around the floor with my husband and son. Got to eat yummy spiked french toast. Got to stare at a wildly drooling baby who was enjoying his teether. Got to eat Chinese food.

Now I’m on my way to a BBQ and then some friends are coming up from CS to rescue me. :)

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Bleh. Double bleh.

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Double bleh.

I don’t want to eat spaghetti for dinner, but that’s all there is. I’ve had italian type food every day this week and I am sick of it. Grr.

Anyway, at least I know I’m getting a spiffy Feast gift from Nick. :) He won’t tell me what it is, but he’s ordered it and it might even make it here before we leave for the feast.

In other news, I really think that I have killed my wrist this time. It hurts…more than any other time before…and only feels happy when ensconced in it’s big ol brace. *sigh*

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I am so very happy right now!

My lovely wonderful friends are going to come pick me up and rescue me this weekend so I can spend next week in CS while my spouse is gone.


But I have to run to my doctor’s appointment right now…so I can’t babble the way I want to right now. Oh well.


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I was really productive today. 🙂

I put up a wallpaper border around the baby’s room, reorganized the bookshelves, moved one bookshelf, moved the changing table, cleaned the living room, bought Feast gifts…

Mmm…beer…I deserve it. Somehow today I have managed to hurt my leg and my wrist…then just moments ago, I twisted my ankle moving my chair. *sigh*

We got people great gifts. 🙂 I’m happy about that.

I even got a few things: two baskets for organization in David’s room ($2.25 a piece) and 5 pairs of scrapbooking scissors ($1 each). 🙂 Very very happy.