Bleh. Everything that could work against me getting to my parents house has. Double bleh. It’s just been a bad day. I’m tired and I hate having to change not only David’s clothes, but my own due to various messes. Oh well. At least the hash brown casserole at Cracker Barrel was good.

Good night folks.

I have a new cell

I have a new cell phone! WHOOP! I’m very happy about this. It’s uber-spiffy. It’s teeny tiny and it’s blue-and-silver and matches my latest new watch. It’s so nifty! *bounces all around*

Best of all, I’ll be able to take it to CS with me and call Nick whenever I want. Yay!


Oh, and the baby is taking another nap…what can beat that?

So I’ve been slacking off…

So I’ve been slacking off on journalling again, sue me.

Saturday night the family headed out to Melanie’s party. I had baked some lovely cookies for it. We got there and admired the lovely (and huge) apartment before eating all the food in the house. Ok, so we didn’t eat that much, but Melanie and I did have to make a trip to the grocery to buy some more non-alcoholic beverages, as there were more children there than she had thought there’d be. We had a lot of fun, I got nicely toasted, we danced and played games. It was a nice evening. And best of all: there were no cookies to take home! Yay!

Saturday, our little family headed out to the Fort Worth Zoo, accompanied by the Balderas family (Nick works with the dad, Dan). We spent five hours hoofing it along and managed to finally see everything there was to see. It was a very long, but very enjoyable day.

Nick and I have come to an arrangement to get me down to CS in time for Halloween. He’s going to drive me half-way there and my parents are going to pick me up in Waco. They haven’t seen David in a month, and since it’d be two weeks until we would be getting there, they really wanted me and David to come down now since it’s a holiday and all.

In any case, I’ll be in CS for a week. Don’t know how much I’ll be posting here while I’m there, but I’ll attempt to keep in touch.


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Ok, so I spent my afternoon alone doing fun Lisa stuff. I took a long shower (which used to be a normal length shower, but after childbirth showers get amazingly short), baked some scrumptious little thumbprint cookies from scratch, talked to my best friend for like an hour on the phone (which cheered me up immensely), and braved the Closet of Doom. Yes, I finally quit my bitching and went into the closet in the baby’s room and dragged everything out so I could get to the other speakers. And they work really well! Which means it’s not my sound card that has problems. YAY!

So I’m a happy, but headachy Lisa. Must get rid of my headache before Melanie’s party. Must. I’ve tried caffeine, but it’s feeling worse instead of better…hmm…

Nick refuses to dress up for this party, since it’s so close to Halloween and he believes that Halloween is pagan and evil. *sigh* David and I are dressing up. I’ve bought a one-time-use camera for the event, so pictures will be forthcoming on my web site.

Hope everyone else has as great as a night as I’m planning to.

adventurous morning

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I had an adventurous morning. Woke up late (around 8:30am) and had apple pancakes with my male (the other male was taking a nap). Then got dressed and went off to run errands.

At the post office, I mailed off something for Steph (watch the mail sweetie!), got Carnivorous Plants stamps, and discussed the apartment mailbox situation with the postal employee. He told me that they’re considering discontinuing mail service to apartment complexes because of security issues. *sigh* He also suggested that I get a PO box soon because they aren’t going to have enough boxes for all the apartment dwellers in D.

At SuperTarget, I finally returned the too-small cat ears I had previously gotten for David. They required a blank check for that, as I have returned too many things without receipts to Target this year. I think it returns to zero after the new year though. I’ll have to check on that. I bought sunglasses, mascara, animal crackers, Milky Way Midnights (for Nick b/c he hated the candy I brought home last night), Cream of Tartar, finely chopped walnuts, butter, and taco seasoned cheese. Yeah, weird list, I know. The mascara is for the Halloween party I’m going to, as are the baking supplies. The animal crackers are ostensibly for David, although I’ll prolly eat a fair share. The cheese is to go with the Taco Soup that ended up being odd yesterday.

I think the taco seasoning we bought for it was off-brand and old, because it really tasted like I had left it out, which I didn’t (I have an empty packet to prove it!)

Bleh. There’s something wrong with my monitor, and quite possibly the sound card (but I can’t tell that because the speakers go through the monitor). Double bleh. I can hear CD’s if I go through the CD player headphone jack, but that’s it. Oh well. Better than nothing, I guess.

If anyone wants the Puffy Apple Pancake or Taco Soup recipe, just let me know and I’ll post them. They are both excellent!


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Well, I finally woke up enough to get out of bed and stuff and then David went back to sleep. It’s not fair. 😦

Yesterday afternoon I made pancakes for the first time. Nick thought I was insane, but they turned out really good.

I intended to write last night, but I ended up with a migraine and instead spent the evening lying on the couch moaning. I woke up without a migraine, but I feel another one coming on. I need to go back to the doctor and get real drugs for this. Bleh.

I’m thinking about making some scrambled eggs for breakfast…which is weird because I hate scrambled eggs. The whole apt smells like them this morning though, and it’s a nice smell somehow. *shrugs* I can’t help it, I’ve been weird about food this week.

I have a ton of things to do today (most of which I intended to finish yesterday, but the whole MGT and Best Buy thing took way too much time).

-wash, dry, fold, & put away laundry
-clean up the four piles o’ stuff (mostly paperwork) in the living room
-clean the kitchen
-make more baby food
-return too small baby stuff to Target
-go to post office

Yay. That doesn’t sound like a lot though, does it? Hmm. Feels like a lot. Specially those four piles. I’ve been avoiding them for about a week now.

Mother Goose & Best Buy

David and I went to another Mother Goose story time today at the library…and we had fun…and we’re starting a playgroup with some other people from there. 🙂

I am both happy and sad to announce that I got a new Palm Pilot today. It’s an m105, a replacement for my old IIIe, which sadly died sometime earlier this month. Best Buy was very nice about replacing it, as I had a 3-year warranty on the thing. It’s actually an upgrade for me because this Palm has 8MB of memory as opposed to the 2MB that the old one had. I’m happy about that, but sad about the screen size — it seems much much smaller. Oh well. I got a happy bright red faceplate cover while I was there (they were on sale — just the red ones ???). It’s very nice. I love the way the flip cover flips back like a notepad instead of just up like on the IIIe. Quite happy.

dododo…what else? Hmm… Nothing I can think of. I’m running away now because I’m starving. Bye!

I bought way too much

I bought way too much stuff yesterday, but I’m happy with all of it and Nick’s not a bit upset by my purchases, so I guess it’s happy. I’m not happy though. I don’t know why. Ok, maybe I do know why and I just don’t want to point it out. Yeah.

The kid downstairs is crying like a maniac outside our window. I wonder if he accidentally stumbled upon the sign his parents semi-buried there (the one that says not to let your pets do their business on that patch of lawn–the only patch of lawn that my downstairs neighbors ever take their pet to). That would be ironic.

Hmm. Now my own child is crying. Oh joy.

Chopper thingie

Dude, this chopper thingie really rocks. It’s one of those slidy things with a blade on one side (diagonally set) and the other side has a place for different shaped pieces to slide in, depending on what kind of cut you want. It took me 30 seconds to cut carrots, instead of the 5 solid minutes of work it would have taken me for horrible slices.

Alas, I did suffer one small problem: I sliced my thumb. Oh well.

All in the name of making inexpensive baby food.