Bleh. Everything that could work against me getting to my parents house has. Double bleh. It’s just been a bad day. I’m tired and I hate having to change not only David’s clothes, but my own due to various messes. Oh well. At least the hash brown casserole at Cracker Barrel was good. Good night … Continue reading Bleh.

I have a new cell

I have a new cell phone! WHOOP! I’m very happy about this. It’s uber-spiffy. It’s teeny tiny and it’s blue-and-silver and matches my latest new watch. It’s so nifty! *bounces all around* Best of all, I’ll be able to take it to CS with me and call Nick whenever I want. Yay! 🙂 Oh, and … Continue reading I have a new cell

So I’ve been slacking off…

So I’ve been slacking off on journalling again, sue me. Saturday night the family headed out to Melanie’s party. I had baked some lovely cookies for it. We got there and admired the lovely (and huge) apartment before eating all the food in the house. Ok, so we didn’t eat that much, but Melanie and … Continue reading So I’ve been slacking off…


Originally published at Please leave any comments there. I AM THE WOMAN! 🙂 Ok, so I spent my afternoon alone doing fun Lisa stuff. I took a long shower (which used to be a normal length shower, but after childbirth showers get amazingly short), baked some scrumptious little thumbprint cookies from scratch, talked to … Continue reading I AM THE WOMAN! 🙂

adventurous morning

Originally published at Please leave any comments there. I had an adventurous morning. Woke up late (around 8:30am) and had apple pancakes with my male (the other male was taking a nap). Then got dressed and went off to run errands. At the post office, I mailed off something for Steph (watch the mail … Continue reading adventurous morning


Originally published at Please leave any comments there. Well, I finally woke up enough to get out of bed and stuff and then David went back to sleep. It’s not fair. 😦 Yesterday afternoon I made pancakes for the first time. Nick thought I was insane, but they turned out really good. I intended … Continue reading bleh

Done more?

I have been very slugworthy today. I think it must be because I haven’t eaten that much. 7 slices of turkey pepperoni, 2 maraschino cherries, and one lemon drop. Yeah. I did get the bills done, the checkbook balanced, and the laundry washed & dried. I wish I could say I’d done more. Bleh.

Mother Goose & Best Buy

David and I went to another Mother Goose story time today at the library…and we had fun…and we’re starting a playgroup with some other people from there. 🙂 I am both happy and sad to announce that I got a new Palm Pilot today. It’s an m105, a replacement for my old IIIe, which sadly … Continue reading Mother Goose & Best Buy

I bought way too much

I bought way too much stuff yesterday, but I’m happy with all of it and Nick’s not a bit upset by my purchases, so I guess it’s happy. I’m not happy though. I don’t know why. Ok, maybe I do know why and I just don’t want to point it out. Yeah. The kid downstairs … Continue reading I bought way too much

Chopper thingie

Dude, this chopper thingie really rocks. It’s one of those slidy things with a blade on one side (diagonally set) and the other side has a place for different shaped pieces to slide in, depending on what kind of cut you want. It took me 30 seconds to cut carrots, instead of the 5 solid … Continue reading Chopper thingie