Gregory wanted to take a walk…

DSC08726 …and I was tired of walking around our neighborhood, so we walked around the block at the library. I’d intended to go farther, but it was just too very cold.

quick not-dead post

Hello there! We’re Not Dead! We (me and the biggest two kids) went to a party four hours away from us for little LB’s party this weekend. There were real horses and stick-horses were made and silly balloon hats were worn. Afterwards we went to Chick-Fil-A, where we had a surreal moment in which I … Continue reading quick not-dead post


I’ve been looking everywhere for my phone for four days now. EVERYWHERE. Including, but not limited to: under the couch, in the couch, in the chairs, in the freezer, in the fridge, in boxes in the garage, in boxes in the house, every toy bin we own. Where did I find it? My mom’s house. … Continue reading FOUND IT!

Three times a day, every day

IMG_0461 Originally uploaded by awamiba. Gregory is getting to that age where he doesn’t want to eat in the highchair much anymore. He’d rather sit at the table. Half-way through every meal, he starts to leap out of his chair (his feet on the tray), diving straight at me, food on his every limb. I … Continue reading Three times a day, every day

Things I need

another chair for the dining room a new camera child-free time to paint walls & baseboards Ben to sleep in his own bed (scared of dark)* David to sleep in his own bed (scared of heights)** Greg to sleep in his own bed (scared without Mommy)*** *sleeps in my bed **sleeps on the floor in … Continue reading Things I need

David-Momma Day

Oddly enough, David’s school district had a teacher workday today, right after the MLK holiday. I’d made plans to see 27 Dresses today (the second time I’ve had to cancel on that movie–I’m never going to see it), but I had David home. *sigh* So we made it David-Momma day, as the little kids were … Continue reading David-Momma Day