Fun at the doctor’s office

I went in today to have another nerve conduction study done.  There’s nothing wrong with them right now.  There never is when they do the tests.  I have no symptoms during them.  If there could be some way to run in while I’m having symptoms and have the test done right that moment?  That would be awesome…and maybe even helpful.  But no.

So what’s wrong with the Lisa, you might ask?  Numbness to the point of not knowing if I’m holding something or pressing the gas pedal in the car.  Twitching random body parts when I don’t mean to be twitching them.  Feeling as though I have spider webs or bugs or hair floating across my arms and legs when there’s nothing there.

What did the doctor say?  “You’re just weird, Lisa.” To which I replied, “Thanks, but could you tell me something I don’t already know?”  I guess she thought I was annoyed (I wasn’t; I was amused), so she explained that doctor’s usually think their patients are whacko until they figure out what’s causing the problem.  I get to have some more blood tests run and wait until she hears back from my other doctors before she can tell me anything else.  It might be a Vitamin B-12 deficiency or a thyroid problem (they tested for both of these two years ago; nope).  It might be random nerve firings.  It might be caffeine (umm…no…caffeine does nothing for me, plus I don’t even drink much of it these days).

I have my follow-up appointment in a month (first available as of two months ago).  In the meantime?  Watch out on the road.