Very domestic day

It’s been an oddly domestic day for me today.  I made french toast from french bread with freshly squeezed orange in it for second breakfast (first was just yogurt with honey).  I’ve run 5 loads of laundry through washing, drying, folding & I’m starting to put it away (it’s in towering piles on my bed).  The younger kids and I sang and danced and played computer games and sang and danced some more.  We hit library storytime, got books, came home & read them.   Then I made garlic toast with spaghetti sauce & salad & sweetened ice tea for lunch (admittedly Nick made the sauce the other night, but I was the one that peeled & crushed garlic to make the garlic butter for the toast).  Then there was more singing and dancing and washing dishes.  I ran two loads through the dishwasher (one from yesterday and one from today).  Picked up the last kid and played the original Legend of Zelda game on the original NES for about an hour (we took turns).  Then I got dinner ready (it’s cooking as I type).  While it’s cooking I’m going to take yet more books & CD’s out of David’s closet and put them on the shelves in the living room.  Tonight I’ll take David to RA’s, which is usually Nick’s job, but he’s working late in meetings all this week (which is highly annoying, as I can’t call him while he’s out there).  Plus I’m wearing a skirt for the second day in a row.  How weird is all that?  Have I mentioned that it’s been a mostly good day so far?  Oh yeah.  (It’s drizzly and cold and Ben keeps wondering when the snow is coming–hehehe.)

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He wanted to check out the vents and light.
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So this morning I was trying to dance with the baby, make French toast, do laundry, and wash some dishes. All at once, naturally. At some point I must have put the baby down, left the dryer door open, and did some cooking or washing, because this is what I found when I went back to put the wash into the dryer.