Fabulous weekend

I had a fabulous weekend (well, mostly Saturday). We drove down to CS Friday afternoon & got there in time to have Freebirds for dinner.

Saturday morning I got up, showered, and got to spend the whole day with Steph. We had an enormous breakfast burrito, saw a cute blue fish bowl, and harassed a hostess. After that I shopped Steph’s shelves & returned a large box of books to her (I found several more when I got home that had been wandered out of the box by small children).

Then we hit two bookstores and a new chocolate store (how was yours? mine was icky, but Nick says the mango was all right). I got slightly less than a ton of books and even managed to easily talk down my cashier $6 on an audiobook of Eric Idle reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which my kids looooved but I was a bit unimpressed by).
After all the book-y goodness, we checked in with the boyfolk & then hit the theatre to see 27 Dresses. We got there and encountered twenty thousand small girls all squealing about Hannah Montana (and I continue to realize that God did a good thing by not giving me girls. I cannot tolerate squealing.) 27 Dresses was cute, yet predictable, which was a relief, as Steph and I do not have a good track record with movies.

Went back to check on boys, then dragged out our husbands for dinner at Fitz’s & milkshakes at the Chicken. YUM! There were many children at the bar, which led to much quoting of Sweet Home Alabama: “You’ve got a BABY! In a BAR!”

Afterwards, Nick and I went to Specs and wandered delightedly through the aisles. I got some Winter Bourbon Cask Ale, which was not as good as it sounded (I’d failed to note the fine print that read “and Vanilla Bean.” Ah well. Someone can have it at the shindig.*

Today I went to church with my parents & kids. There were a bunch of Muslims there, as they were having an inter-faith dialogue later in the afternoon. The Muslims brought Noah’s Pudding, which has garbanzo beans & navy beans in it and yet, still, tastes good.  After church, Steph dropped by with our Christmas presents (I got a cupcake holder; it’s adorable. Now I need to make cupcakes!). We also got a nifty train shaped cake mold. The kids took one look at it and said “Can we do that? With all the candy? Right now?!” Umm, no. We had no ingredients. Nor food, really, for that matter.

Nick watched the SuperBowl while the kids watched Care Bears (or as Ben would say “Care-a Bear-as” and I dug through old journals trying to recreate the health record that the neurologist apparently lost (that I don’t have a copy of either). Nick’s team won the SuperBowl (I actually watched for the last 10 minutes of game clock time) and House afterwards was really good, too.

All in all, fabulous weekend.

*More about that in a post to follow