Wii…and other hazards of daily life

We got a Wii for David’s birthday. Well, not really his birthday, exactly, cause it arrived yesterday and the whole family is going to use it, but in honor of his birthday, I guess. We’d ordered it from amazon.com where the cheapest one was selling for about a hundred over the recommended price, but could … Continue reading Wii…and other hazards of daily life

the rest of the day…

…was a bit less exciting, although it did involve making banana pudding from scratch (sugar, corn starch, egg yolks, cooking on the stove, etc), actually making it to the recycling center (toss! crash! toss! crash! toss! crash!), and me eventually leaving the house to go paint pottery with my friends mom’s group (cause mine was … Continue reading the rest of the day…

my day so far

5:30am Nick’s alarm goes off 5:55am Nick wakes me up for my shower 6:29am I am clean, dressed, and still not quite awake 6:32am Nick goes back to bed.  We torture him for 20 minutes 6:53am I tell Nick it’s nearly 7am and to get up. 7:00am David has been awake 20 minutes and still … Continue reading my day so far

Happy Easter!

More photos here. We stayed in our town for Easter this year, which meant a bit of extra planning on my part to make the day something both predictable and unique. We got up and had our baskets (filled with both toys & candy–in order to disguise the fact that they were light on candy). … Continue reading Happy Easter!

new photos for you!

Here, have some photos… my azaleas have been moved to the front yard where I can actually see them and they’re blooming so happily! Palm Sunday, so of course there’s a palm fight! HOSANNA! he yelled…or that was what he was trying to yell anyways… Kay or Bob or someone took this photo of me … Continue reading new photos for you!

Ben? A two-timer?!

Today when I picked him up from school, a teacher stopped by to tell me that she saw Ben kissing on a little girl THAT WASN’T ZOE!!!  I told her that Zoe told Ben she didn’t want to marry him a couple weeks ago and that he’d been broken-hearted at the time and cried, but … Continue reading Ben? A two-timer?!

why they’re the way they are… (part 1)

Music currently on rotation for the kids in my living room* -music of Puerto Rico -Celtic bagpipes - Sunday School compilation of 4 “Books of the Bible” songs (one a riff off “Barbara Ann” & one a riff off “La Bamba” and two others with original music) * No, we don’t listen to many mp3’s … Continue reading why they’re the way they are… (part 1)

posting to help the postlessness

I don’t feel like blogging today.  Didn’t yesterday either.  But usually when I post saying that I don’t feel posty, postiness falls upon me, so I’m hopeful. We forgot to do St. Patrick’s day yesterday, due to me having to make 2 casseroles for different organizations (for a total of 3 made this week), and … Continue reading posting to help the postlessness

home again, home again, jiggedy-jig

I have no idea what poem or song that’s from, but my family has always said it. The big kids learned to rollerskate/blade this week.  They wore their skates in the car the entire way back home, which made bathroom breaks interesting, to say the least. Anyways, we’re back from CS.  For a bit, at … Continue reading home again, home again, jiggedy-jig