Wii…and other hazards of daily life

We got a Wii for David’s birthday. Well, not really his birthday, exactly, cause it arrived yesterday and the whole family is going to use it, but in honor of his birthday, I guess. We’d ordered it from amazon.com where the cheapest one was selling for about a hundred over the recommended price, but could ship out within two weeks (as opposed to ordering it from just about anywhere else, where it was listed either a) out of stock or b) in a $600+ bundle with games or c) I could order it and wait, wait, wait for possibly months to come in).

It arrived, surprisingly, within three days of ordering it. I wasn’t home. Of course. So we had to wait another day for Fedex to retry delivery (at which point we had boys!jumping!and!growling!with!excitement!). I opened it and put it together and tested it out a bit to make sure there was no damage during delivery, but we waited until David was home to let him have to first real gaming experience.

The Wii Sports package was pretty much a resounding success. Nick loves it, David loves it, Ben likes the parts that are easy, and I am Not Bad at bowling (just bowling). David played for an hour straight and got reallyreally sweaty and Ben played for about 35 minutes out of his hour. I played about 35 minutes and am in pain in various parts of my body today. Nick played for an unknown amount of time last night after I went to bed. He does really well at the tennis (which I suck at). Ben’s favorite part of the Wii? Making and editing his Mii.

The only problem with this whole thing? We need to move the coffee table. It’s seriously in the way. You can play with it there, but you risk life and limb due to tripping potential. Plus, having a wandering toddler around makes it very hard to play a game where your miming hitting things. Nick actually whacked Ben in the head with his knuckles when Ben tried to sneak past him (Ben’s okay today, but Nick’s hand is bruised).
(I want a different game to play, personally. I can’t wait until we get something more in tune with my personality. Apparently we can get older Nintendo games downloaded for like $10, so we’re going to try for one of those for me next week.)

the rest of the day…

…was a bit less exciting, although it did involve making banana pudding from scratch (sugar, corn starch, egg yolks, cooking on the stove, etc), actually making it to the recycling center (toss! crash! toss! crash! toss! crash!), and me eventually leaving the house to go paint pottery with my friends mom’s group (cause mine was meeting the next night when I couldn’t make it).

Today was also a Study in Weird. Got up, shaved biggest kids head so he no longer looks like Zach or Cody (from the Disney channel), found another dollar so he could buy books at school, made three kid lunches, drove kid to school, checked voicemail and discovered some “new” 2 week old messages the system just left me, also checked regular mail (just arrived) and found letters dated February 22nd, drove other children to school, talked mdo into taking Greg even though it wasn’t his day (don’t tell the other moms, but they love greg best), went to my doctor’s office, get a call stating that ben is sick with a fever and headache, finally get in to see the doctor only to find out his computer system is down and he has no idea who I am or why I’m there, briefly consider lying to the doctor, recap my entire medical history in less than three minutes, leave without medicine of any kind (but with a promise that when my symptoms return—which they will— I can call for meds instead of making an appointment), pick up sick kid and baby, feed people, make husband change poopy baby (”He might be getting sick, too.”), hold cranky baby and attempt to fold laundry at same time for several hours while soothing middle child who is whimpering at the other end of the couch, pick up oldest kid who has note that we owe school 12 cents, attempt to feed children snacks, clean up large puddle of poop from new rug, change three wet-poopy diapers in a 9 minute period, clean up more wet-poop from elsewhere in house and on self and on child, convince middle child that he will not die of a headache because mommy hasn’t yet, convince husband that leaving work early to take oldest child to school program, get oldest child ready for the Waltz Across Texas program at his school, change more wet-poopy diapers, run yet another load of laundry (what? I didn’t mention the two earlier ones I ran and put away? *sigh*), empty/reload dishwasher, put away hand washed dishes (and wash more), snuggle baby who won’t stay out of dishwasher, call friend who wanted to go to Aggiecon to pretty much cancel trip, muse over the fact that despite Aggiecon’s changing dates year-to-year my children are always sick with a stomach virus on Aggiecon weekend (5 years running), talk children into eating dinner despite sickness, eat dinner with spouse while having real conversation while children do God-knows-what elsewhere, feed baby bottle while big kids get read to in another room (we watch Dr. Who), and then, of course, watch Scrubs with spouse until he leaves for bed, then read battles about bread on the internet until I realize I meant to post something, which leads us to here. Longest paragraph ever. Yay.
(at least I’m tired now)

my day so far

5:30am Nick’s alarm goes off

5:55am Nick wakes me up for my shower

6:29am I am clean, dressed, and still not quite awake

6:32am Nick goes back to bed.  We torture him for 20 minutes

6:53am I tell Nick it’s nearly 7am and to get up.

7:00am David has been awake 20 minutes and still is not dressed.

7:11am I discover that Nick is not awake.  He usually leaves for work at 7:15.  This is not good.  (Apparently I was supposed to wake him up “at” 7am.)

7:25am I’ve finally persuaded David to make his lunch (he’s dressed now) but he can’t figure out how to clean out his lunch box (which is filled with velvet pear jello)

7:35am We’re heading out the door and David says “Today’s the Storybook Character Parade!  Where’s my costume?!”  I grab the Harry Potter stuff out, throw it in a bag, and we’re off.  Drop David at school

7:45am  At home, but still in the car.  Realize 3 things: 1) David’s forgotten his lunch & schoolwork, 2) No one’s eaten yet, and 3) Greg’s poopy.

8:05am  After cleaning up baby poop from everywhere in the universe, dressing him in different clothes, re-shoeing everyone, and grabbing cookies to tide us over for the duration, we are finally back at the school.  Since the parade starts in just 10 minutes, we decide to stay.

8:15am  Starting to regret staying, as it is cold and there’s no parade in sight.

8:20am Parade starts.  Kids that do not belong to me run up to me, hug me, call me “mom.” The parade is awesome!  I take pictures of the teachers we know that dressed up.  Also take pictures of kids I’ve taught in Sunday school & VBS & mom’s group at various places over the years.  Most of them remember me enough to smile & pose.

8:45am  On the way home, realize we need tampons & hot cocoa.  End up buying: tampons, hot cocoa, strawberries, ibuprofen, salad mix, & Nilla Wafers.

9:15am  Finally actually home.   Feed kids strawberries and hot cocoa.

9:30am Start looking in car for library books.  They aren’t in the car.  I didn’t take them out.  Call spouse, ask if he let books loose.  He saw some on the kids shelves, mixed in.  *sigh*

10am Have finally found all 17 books.  Load up books, kids, and recycling into van.

10:15am Leave house again.  *sigh*

10:25am Actually early for storytime.  Only’s happened once before.  Wow.

11am Ben is hiding behind a tree while other kids are flying homemade kites.  A grandmotherly person comes and tells me this will make her daughter feel better.  Oh yay.  Later, daughter comes over and introduces herself as “L’s mom, from MDO”  Yeah.  So apparently all four of our younger kids are in MDO together during the week.  I pass on my phone number on the way out to check books.

11:15am Look for book I saw on another mommy blog.  It’s listed as being there, but it’s not on the shelf.  Enlist help.  Am told that it’s probably been remaindered and that if I really want it I can request they buy a new copy or wait for the big library sale and buy it then.  OH JOY.

11:40am  In driveway, with two sleeping children.  Realize we forgot to go to the recycling center. (Goodness, how often are they going to redesign the city website this year?!)

And now it’s 12:04 and Ben’s been asking for either a) Lego.com or b) a cookie for twenty-two minutes.  Yeah, that nap didn’t last long.  I demand a nap of my own now.  NAP NAP NAP NAP NAP NAP NAP!

Happy Easter!


More photos here.

We stayed in our town for Easter this year, which meant a bit of extra planning on my part to make the day something both predictable and unique.

We got up and had our baskets (filled with both toys & candy–in order to disguise the fact that they were light on candy). The kids got one piece apiece (the largest, naturally) and then we had breakfast. We were supposed to have both fruit & apple turnovers, but my thriftiness in the produce section this week killed that plan. The kids did not care in the slightest.

After breakfast we had the egg hunt, with a bit of a twist. I let Greg go first for three minutes, then Ben got to go, then David. I hid stuff at varying levels for each of them and hoped they’d find an even number of eggs. Which they didn’t. Even more strangely, they found more eggs than I’d hid. I still haven’t figured that out.

We went to church after that. It was…churchy. It didn’t really feel like a different service from the regular ones, other than the addition of extra people to the orchestra, which kind of made me sad.

Came home, had some casserole for lunch. Then the kids cleaned up their room (supposedly, I haven’t checked–but they’re looking for something specific, so you’d think they’d really feel like finishing). I managed to slip and fall on my way into the house at some point. I’ve got a bruised & swollen left knee, bruised left shin, swollen & scraped left foot, swollen toes on my right foot, and my right shoulder feels not-quite-right when I move it. Still, after a couple hours of rest, I’m feeling, if not great, then not too terribly bad. The pain relievers have helped greatly towards that, I’m sure.

Tonight we’re going to church for a live performance of The Last Supper, as envisioned by the men of the church. Half the men are from my Sunday School class. That should be interesting, at least. After the performance we’re coming home, where Nick should have dinner waiting (beef stroganoff–my mom’s recipe, zucchini, and Velvet Pear Salad–also my mom’s recipe). For dessert, I’m hoping we’ll have some homemade ice cream (Nick made it for the bbq, but it didn’t set up right, due to a lack of dasher situation at the time).

So we’ve had a pretty good day. Tell me about yours….

Ben? A two-timer?!

Today when I picked him up from school, a teacher stopped by to tell me that she saw Ben kissing on a little girl THAT WASN’T ZOE!!!  I told her that Zoe told Ben she didn’t want to marry him a couple weeks ago and that he’d been broken-hearted at the time and cried, but he was over it now.  At this point, Zoe walks up and says “I DON’T WANT TO MARRY ANYONE!!!”  And the teacher said to me “I didn’t think Ben would be a two-timer.”

(Zoe’s mom said “Good thing we didn’t pick out the china yet.”  hehe)

why they’re the way they are… (part 1)

Music currently on rotation for the kids in my living room*

-music of Puerto Rico

-Celtic bagpipes

– Sunday School compilation of 4 “Books of the Bible” songs (one a riff off “Barbara Ann” & one a riff off “La Bamba” and two others with original music)
* No, we don’t listen to many mp3’s at home.  We have lots, but iTunes hates me.  We listen to CD’s on a 3-disk changer that’s gone horribly awry.  It sometimes picks songs at random off of any of the three cd’s.  You never know what you’re getting.  It’s awesome, actually, if you don’t mind having musical chaos.

posting to help the postlessness

I don’t feel like blogging today.  Didn’t yesterday either.  But usually when I post saying that I don’t feel posty, postiness falls upon me, so I’m hopeful.

We forgot to do St. Patrick’s day yesterday, due to me having to make 2 casseroles for different organizations (for a total of 3 made this week), and us going to Nick’s parents house for Aunt Opal’s visit.  We had a good visit.  My camera was acting up, so no pictures from me, but as soon as Mandy posts some, I’ll nab them and repost them on flickr so y’all can see just how huge all the kids are getting.

home again, home again, jiggedy-jig

I have no idea what poem or song that’s from, but my family has always said it.

The big kids learned to rollerskate/blade this week.  They wore their skates in the car the entire way back home, which made bathroom breaks interesting, to say the least.

Anyways, we’re back from CS.  For a bit, at least.  Nick and the kids are leaving for church in a little while, then David’s going to a sleepover/camp-out thing.

I have nothing of interest to say right now, actually.   Sorry.  I mentally wandered the entire way home and while I “wrote” posts in my head, nothing sounds good right now.  I think I need a nap.  Yeah. *sigh*