we’re not exactly boring…

…and yet I don’t feel like we’ve done a lot either. (Edited to add: …and then I read this post and it made me feel tired from all that we’ve been doing…) Last week?  Um.  Yeah.  Monday we did something during the day, I’m sure, but I don’t remember what.  In the evening David had … Continue reading we’re not exactly boring…

pretty quiet here

It was actually pretty quiet here this week.  Monday I had this flurry of back-and-forth phone calls with the cub scout den & pack leaders, the end result of which was that we were having neither the TV station tour nor the pack meeting this week.  Our Tuesday night plans were likewise nonexistent.  So instead … Continue reading pretty quiet here

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope everyone is having a happy day! We’re all sick here, except the baby, who we can’t actually tell if he’s sick or not as he can’t speak up and say “I’ve got a headache and a sore throat” like the other kids can.  It took us a few hours when we got up to … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

… & the boys

It’s come to my attention that when I sign things “Lisa and the boys” that people are thinking that Nick is not included.  Au contraire, mon amies.  Nick is a boy, albeit a big one, and is included in that signature. (I am sick.  Sick, sick, sick.  I am wearing clothing so close to pajamas … Continue reading … & the boys

oh so busy

I’m trying to remember what’s been keeping us so busy and my brain just whirls on and on.  Last week we had two park-related playdates, one with a new friend and one with an old friend.  The new friend works at the church, but is a comic book/Green Day fan with many tattoos.  The old … Continue reading oh so busy

I wish I were a Lion

Five things make a post (or My Day as a List) 1. Jello Soup.  On the floor.  On the walls.  On my feet.  In my hair.  In the laundry basket. 2.  “You’re only inviting me over because you’re an Otter and I’m staying at home because I’m a Golden Retriever (and I love the rain.)” 3.  Only … Continue reading I wish I were a Lion

Give me shelter from the storm…

100_0738 Originally uploaded by awamiba. This morning my mom called me, in a panic, because there was a storm headed our way. We get these calls from time to time, but usually it’s just a little bit of a storm, no worries. I had a weird feeling about this one, though, so I made the … Continue reading Give me shelter from the storm…

now, with CAFFEINE!

My parents have been in town two days now.  Yesterday my kids each drank a bunch of creme soda and ran around like crazy wild beasts.  Today after the kids each drank another can apiece (special treats, ya know.  only at grandma’s.  at home they drink no soda.)  we took a closer look at the … Continue reading now, with CAFFEINE!