Welcome new friends!

Hello there everyone! *waves*So Facebook & LJ got together and decided to cross post this morning, so I'm already seeing an upswing in traffic & be-friending.  It's so exciting to have new people in the audience.A few notes on this blog:-I really don't post a whole lot, maybe once a week.-my twitter feed cross-posts daily, … Continue reading Welcome new friends!

“We started right here, in the ovary”

I hate giving subject lines for these posts, especially when I'm just updating about everything.  Maybe I should go back and retitle this "More of everything" Hmm. David has been doing a lot of scouts stuff from his book, which means that all of us have been doing a lot of scouts stuff because you … Continue reading “We started right here, in the ovary”

Thoughts in 140 characters

06:13 Yesterday: writing, more writing, then excellent Variety Show at church. Today: all the laundry in universe & N to gun show, me to gem show. # 10:56 B is getting his babies ready for church: "This one is going for Fancy Dress Night to a dance & this one is just going to regular … Continue reading Thoughts in 140 characters