Rainy Day activities, afternoon edition

So after a good half hour of scanning everything in the cupboards & fridge, we finally settled on crackers & cheese & the lightsaber carrot for lunch, with a side of deli turkey.  Then we caved in a watched what I considered a "Mommy show" and what Greg considered a "big boy show": Sabrina the … Continue reading Rainy Day activities, afternoon edition

Rainy Day activities

Some days I wish I had a more focused blog, the kind that was chock full of advice about something, but I don't have that kind of focus, anyway.  However, today, you will get to hear about our rainy day activities, just because. Since we've been sick for about a month, we've gotten used to … Continue reading Rainy Day activities

Thoughts in 140 characters

07:16 Still in flare, but managed to walk Ben into school so to talk to his teacher about all the books she's sending home "to keep." Now tired. # 15:32 Karma day? made calls for church, pushed car up a hill for someone, & brought home a kid to his home. Payment: time with new … Continue reading Thoughts in 140 characters