From Twitter 07-30-2010

20:27:22: Testing, testing. Some of my cross-posting seems not to be working. This one's from and should go to twitter & myspace. Tweets copied by

White Elephant Gift Exchange

creepy clown Not too long ago I participated in a round robin white elephant gift exchange. Naturally I forgot about the gift exchange portion of the event until I was on my way there, so my gift to exchange was a "snail on a ball" (as described by the sign). I got to the party, … Continue reading White Elephant Gift Exchange

Thoughts in 140 characters

07:09 My youngest two are trying to play Mario Kart, which is challenging for Greg. He wants to be a Care Bear (not an option) with a pink car. 🙂 # 07:10 Ben says "Not everyone's perfect, Greg." Ben's character's wearing a skirt. Whee! # 12:54 Went to the library & saw 6 billion people … Continue reading Thoughts in 140 characters

My first job: office work

My first job was at a place called Ocean Drilling Program. I worked in the Art/Publishing Department, cutting up photos & pasting them back together (literally, with an exacto knife), checking that data in the computer matched what was on the scientists logs (& fixing it when it didn't match), scanning in other documents, cleaning … Continue reading My first job: office work

Thoughts in 140 characters

17:25 Had a great day doing scout stuff & eating french onion dip (yay for comfort food!). Now David is off at Nana's & other kids are dancing. # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter