Thanksgivings R Us

We've had about 5 Thanksgivings this year. I am full up to the brim with turkey and may die if I have to have it again this year. Our first Thanksgiving was on Nov 17th at Nick's work. Greg and I were only bringing stuff up to Nick, but we got invited to stay, so … Continue reading Thanksgivings R Us

From Twitter: 11-26-2010

9:06 am: Had a fabulous turkey day yesterday with new friends. Stayed up til 3am reading, then kids up at 4:45am. Now hanging on couch with kiddos & movie.

From Twitter: 11-18-2010

8:36am: Will never forget waking up to the horrific news about Bonfire: Friends, I'm taking an internet hiatus for a bit. Please do call us up & we'll do stuff! Just want to focus on people not pixels for a while.

Box Car Racing

Tonight was the Box Car races at our Scout Pack Meeting: Tiger cubs line up with their fairly large cars for the parade around the cafeteria.  B was very excited to be an official racer this year after a few years of just racing the other "babies" at the meetings. A webelo helps G put … Continue reading Box Car Racing

From Twitter: 11-17-2010

2:33 pm: Busy day: friend for coffee, made ballerina skirt for G's friend, helped w/ TG lunch @ Nick's work, ran errands for box car stuff. So tired.8:08 pm: is having to have an awkward conversation w/ her older son about texting etiquette & why it's wrong to borrow a phone to text random people.

From Twitter: 11-15-2010

3:53 pm: Party went great yesterday! 🙂 Today: big kid has a friend over & little ones are making magic bounce balls from a kit. whee!

All B, all the time ;)

Last week after I posted we had a regular kind of week, I guess. Piano lessons for both boys.  The K-3rd graders had a Veteran's Day Program up at the high school.  B brought home a note that afternoon saying he needed to wear a red shirt for the program, but there was nary a … Continue reading All B, all the time 😉