Last week of March, first weekend of April

Finally, a bit of quiet.  🙂  First, this photo still cracks me up:

It was Ben’s idea. 🙂

Monday we had a quiet day, recuperating from the week before. That’s what Mondays are for, in my opinion. We played around and put away laundry. Greg and I Bedazzled a shirt:

Even Nick got in some play time with the kids (after no one showed up for scouts, there was free time):

Tuesday was pretty boring as well. The kids all were in school, so I did some organizing and cleaning that I hadn’t gotten done the week before. Piano lessons were had and David was assigned the last pieces in both his lesson & performance books.

Wednesday we had a coffee/playdate with our friends Molly & Clive (& Mrs. Stephanie, too, of course). I always cherish our time with them. It’s nice to have a friendship where you feel safe & cozy & loved all the time & feel like you are cherished for your you-ness just as much as the children cherish each other. I mean, I have other really good friends that I love and that love me, too, but this friendship encompasses the children as well as the adults into its cozy center and I just love that. 🙂

That afternoon Greg and I spent in the garden, watering plants one by one, checking their progress, and then showing the big boys when they got home. We spent some time weeding & reading.

Thursday Greg and I got to playing in the morning before school, one of those play sessions where you are so very focused on your play that you don’t notice time passing AT ALL and pretty soon we looked up from the castle that we were building and realized that we were totally late for him going to school. I could swear that not ten minutes had passed since we started playing, but it had been an hour and a half since we’d spilled out those blocks. So much fun! I took him to school, then spent the rest of the day doing useful stuff (what stuff? who knows!). That night instead of having leftovers (Thursday is leftover night, whee), we bought dinner from a local fancy asian place that was having the proceeds for that night go towards helping pay for medical bills for one of Nick’s coworkers.

Friday morning I got up to a sick David, so we cancelled our fun plans for the day (we were hitting the music store, the book store, and having a playdate at Sonic with Greg’s long lost friend Tucker). We stayed home and umm, did at home stuff. Nick spent the afternoon donating plasma and I did eventually make it to the music store to buy David’s new piano books (and a clarinet solo for me!) David, after his first flush of yucky feelings, spent the rest of the day feeling perfectly fine.

DSCN1625Saturday morning we got up and headed over to Nick’s parents house for a family brunch. Lots of yummy food & drinks were had by all. We discussed Nick’s parents upcoming house renovations (they originally thought they might build a new house, but instead they are going to renovate the one they have, which will mean that they won’t have to divide up the land later and won’t have to rent out the house) and came up with some good new ideas for the addition. The cousins all had fun playing together, climbing trees, running around the pasture, and loving on the baby cows (they are tiny and cute). That afternoon we went on to church, and spent lots of time afterwards visiting with friends and making plans for committees we’re on.

Sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning I heard yelling from the kids bedroom. “VOMIT!” and then “David’s throwing up in his top bunk!” I went to investigate and discovered that not only was he throwing up, he was throwing up against the wall. It was SO VERY GROSS. I had to evacuate not only David, but also Ben, and clean up both beds, make up places in the living room for them to sleep, and wake Nick up to drag the mattress out to the patio for cleaning.

So Sunday morning I woke up grumpy and painful (from all the scrubbing), but my sweet, sweet husband had gone out to the grocery and came back by the time I got up and he brought me flowers.

Then he went off to work (yes, again on a Sunday, he’s crazy busy at work lately), while I tended to kiddos. David was once again feeling fine by about 10am, so we went outside and pulled weeds in the garden for a while before coming inside to get ready for Greg’s friends birthday party. We went out and got a present, then came home to drop off the big kids with Nick, who was finally home, before Greg and I moved on to the party. The party was super cute, with a bug-and-flower theme.

We spent the afternoon & evening finishing getting ready for the upcoming week. 🙂


Next to last week of March

I’ve gotten fairly good at putting things off lately, like this blog post.  I was going to start it on Monday last week, but the pictures weren’t up yet, so I was waiting on that.  Then when I finally posted the photos, I realized that I had 101 other things to do, so I did those first.  At some point so much time had past that I thought, enh, why bother.  But yesterday I complained to a friend that she hadn’t updated her blog lately and her responses were so close to mine for not blogging that I laughed long and loud.  So here I am, blogging.  Yay.


The next-to-last week of March was busy, but that’s really normal these days, right? Greg and I did a lot of stuff with the school, but we also had some fun time on our own, going to the big park on the south side of town and walking some of the trails & bridges, then playing afterwards, and also going to the McDonald’s with the fun play area (using coupons a friend gave us).  I also got to visit my favorite local baby and her mama for an afternoon.


It was Texas Public Schools Week, so our PTA did Muffins for Moms one day, Pancakes with Parents another, Donuts for Dads a third day, and also a program with the 1st & 2nd graders.  Since I’m one of the PTA volunteer regulars, I went up each day and helped out with various things.


We had a bit of a kerfluffle, due to some miscommunication about what the events really entailed (the muffins & donuts were for parents ONLY, due to some bizarre regulations about offering kids free food at a competing time a federally sponsored free food program was being offered) and a lot of parents and kids went away from what was supposed to be a positive event with bad feelings in their hearts, which made me really sad.  (Also, I had baked 9 dozen mini muffins for the event and had to take most of them back home with me.)  One good thing, though, was getting to tour all the new library books the school ordered from the last of their grant.  So many beautiful books!  Also, both of my kids won door prizes from my having gone (one new book each!).

The 1st and 2nd grade program was nothing but pure delight, though.  Ben was a soloist (one of 6, but only he and one other girl had really long parts), and an actor (clownfish #3), as well as singing and dancing with the rest of the kids.  We had to make him a clownfish costume (most of the other parts there were costumes already made up for, but the clownfish were on their own, costume-wise) and he looked really really cute.  🙂  He did a great job singing, dancing, and acting.

Oceans of Fun end song
Afterward, Pa took us out to dinner at Taco Bell while Nana skeddaddled off to teach her class (which she’d postponed an hour for us: so thanks to her and her students!).


The next day we spent getting ready to go camping.  We picked up the boys from school and headed on over to Martin Creek Lake State Park and spent the weekend camping with some of our friends from church. 
Most of the kids from church were there, so the kids had a blast.  David got to spend both night in the Boys Tent (the other kids stayed with us).  We took the kids on nature walks around the lake and got to see an electric plant up close. 
It was really windy on that side of the lake and it made the waves and wood really interesting.  The lake was quite a lot down on water as well, so there were lots of shells everywhere.  We collected a bunch of pretty ones to take home.  We had a church service in one of the open air cabins, listening to the sermon from our regular service over the internet (lovelovelove technology) while the kids made crafts at our feet. DSCN1386 It was a really nice weekend. Entire photo set can be found here.

We came back Sunday afternoon and unpacked.  Nick went off to work for a few hours while the kids and I went over to Ben’s best friend’s birthday party. DSCN1585 It was a fabulous party, one of those big Hispanic neighborhood/family/friends parties (one of the kids asked the birthday boy if he knew everyone there & he said “I don’t know.  I think some people just saw the balloons and came on in.  It’s a party! The more the merrier!”).  There was a pinata bigger than I’ve ever seen and a man stood on the roof to pull it up,down, & around so the kids had to really work to hit it. I really wish now that I’d taken Spanish as my foreign language so I could speak to more of the people there. This party was a great end to a very busy week! 🙂