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Food, Fitness, & Faith, day, ummm…

Well, around day 11 I got a fever and tried to rest by not exercising.  Didn’t help. Food wise I did okay.

Day 12 I was still feverish.  I also tried to rest by not exercising, but I HAD to work the school book fair, so that wasn’t really restful, was it? I did okay at breakfast and lunch was a salad at the school (oh happy day!)  Sadly, dinner was at the pizza buffet with my mom watching me eat (she hates that I eat practically nothing at a buffet, so I tried to eat more to make her happy, which makes me unhappy.  it’s a bad cycle.). 

Day 13 I was feeling better, walked a bit back and forth and back and forth to my mom’s house.  Ate next to nothing for breakfast. Lunch was a sandwich and chips shared with Greg from the fancy Fresh grocery (running errands can be fun if you do it right).  I spent an hour and a half at the sink washing dishes, which completely wore me out.

Day 14 was a busy day (and a “no exercise” day because it was the Sabbath) with early church, dinner at a friends house, then a late youth group planning meeting afterwards.  I did a lot of fast walking here, there, everywhere, trying to meet all the needs of Hospitality. 

Day 15 I realized that if I was going to get back into exercising that today needed to be that day.  But I woke up completely drained, kids had to be corralled into doing their work, Nick was literally at work, and by the time I was awake and alive enough to do anything, dishes & laundry beckoned.  I worked on that (not finishing, no) until it was time to leave for the  super-extra-long rehearsal (I’m playing clarinet for the ensemble playing “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at a local high school).  Came home, at dinner, collapsed in heap.


And now it’s Day 16.  I’ve woken up late, everyone’s late this morning, in a panicked rush, and I’m posting this because it’s been sitting on my desktop for days and I’ve been adding this in dribs and drabs, so no photos. 

Question: Should I start over on the book or continue where I left off?  Most of the other ladies in my group are doing worse than I am and one is starting over.  I just don’t know.

Day 9: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day 9 was all about having healthy priorities and becoming an expert about your own body and figuring out your next steps.  My Healthy Next Steps include things like: talking to the doctor about ongoing health issues, getting rid of the junk food in the house (which is good for every part of me), and taking a walk whenever I feel called to do so (which is as good for my mental health as it is for my physical health).


Exercise: I got up and did my Nancy Marmorat video, the series about toning your belly area.  I need to find another video that focuses on that area, as I think I have enough extra exercises for everything else, but I need something more interesting for this one.  I’ve only done this one twice and I’m already bored and grumpy with it.  I’ll check Netflix and see if I can find something there.  I also took a 30 minute walk in the evening.


Food: I had my basic breakfast, but since I was running around a lot, lunch was taken on the road.  I got a “tiny” roast beef sandwich on wheat, no sauces, but with onions and lettuce.  It was 435 calories!  The chips were 200, so I saved them for after school snack time.  Dinner was Vegetarian Night, as our schedule is wacky this week.  We had Dal (115 calories), plain broccoli (27 calories), ginger-dill carrots (no idea, but couldn’t be high), and cous-cous (150 calories).

Neurologist appt

There’s a post over at The Thousand Teeth about my visit to the neurologist, in case anyone is interested. 🙂  If you’re not interested, then here, have a picture of a weird flower:

A pink bromeliad

The flower I gave my mom for Mother's Day

Day 8: Food, Fitness, and Faith

IMG_2121Happy Mother’s Day!


Since it’s Mother’s Day, I didn’t get up and do my exercising right away.  I got up, threw on clothes, and took my family over to wish my mom a happy day & give her our presents (a book full of prompts for her life story and a pink bromeliad).  She suggested that we go to Einstein’s Bros. for bagels, so we took her up on it.  I had a whole wheat bagel with onion & chive schmear and a cup of coffee (450 calories).  IMG_2116

After we played a while in the backyard, we had lunch: leftover pizza (380 calories for 2 slices, I didn’t finish my entire portion, though).


Nick had to work today, so the kids and I played in the backyard a while, then did some shopping for my mother’s day gift (jewelry from the $1 jewelry store), and watched Battle for Terra on Netflix.  We had a little snack: sweet tarts and Reese’s mini eggs.  I had a small serving (8 sweet tarts= 60 calories and 1 Reese’s mini egg = 21 calories).


Then Nick came back and took the kids to the grocery store while I did my exercising.  Today I didn’t follow a video.  I got some medium strength tube bands and did 10 reps each of the chest/arm exercises.  After they came back, a friend of David’s showed up unexpectedly, so I took another walk (I don’t get why D’s friends keep appearing out of nowhere uninvited) to calm down, about 30 minutes.


Dinner was beef & barley soup, bread, and a bit of cheese, with some wine for the grown-ups.  I don’t have calorie totals for this particular meal, but based on some internet research of similar soups, I’d guess it was around 250 calories for the soup, another 100 for the wine, 100 for the bread, and about 50 for the cheese.  After dinner I had a tiny little serving (measured on our food scale) of ice cream for another 250 calories.


So all in all, I was a bit high today, but I did do 2 bouts of exercise instead of one (that “calm down” walk was a planned one, just made more frenetic by my lack-of-calmness.)

Day 7: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day 7 fell on the Sabbath and my parents were in town.  We got up, walked over there (the short way), and had what passes as breakfast at my mom’s house: store bought sweet rolls.  Checked the calorie count and ate just one (220 calories).  Also had a banana and a cup of coffee. 


Took a long walk with my mom just before lunch, slower than I’d have liked, but still we were out and about. Lunch was a turkey bacon, cheddar, and toast sandwich (total calories: 350).


Snack at church was a glass of artificially sweetened lemonade (0 calorie), a handful of popcorn (55 calories), and a devilled egg (approximately 65, which is pleasantly low). 


Dinner after a long day of walking around doing hospitality (putting out snacks, cleaning tables, sweeping floors, washing, drying, and putting away dishes, etc) and waiting for kids to finish filming their program was pizza & salad & more 0-cal lemonade.  I ate two full pieces of pizza (380 calories) and a small salad (50 calories) and a mini cupcake (80 calories) and a mini brownie (100 calories).  (Most calorie amounts approximated from Calorie King.)


I felt like I’d indulged a bit, but looking at the numbers I am very cheered.  So actually, all in all, not a bad day at all. 

Day 6: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day 6 I got up and tried to do my 10 minute Dance Solutions video.  I have several problems with it: 1) There’s no instruction, just dancing. 2) I am trying to lose weight, which means that I cannot see all my muscles, so I have no idea which ones are moving.  3) I can’t dance.  So after several minutes I gave up trying to figure out what she was doing and spent the remainder of my time bouncing around energetically whichever way I could.  I figured that cardio was cardio at this point.  My heart was beating super fast, my arms & legs were flailing around, it was all good.  I also ended up walking back and forth to my parents house a few times (and mostly took the long way ’round).

IMG_2099Food: I had another one of my less-than-inspiring-at-this-point breakfasts.  Skipped morning snack because I knew I was meeting my parents for lunch.  Lunch was at a place called The Purple Pig.  I should have realized that this would mean less-than-stellarly-healthy, but I did expect there to be some sort of salad option.  Alas, no.  Even the safe-sounding new potatoes turned out to be cooked mush with a pound of butter in it.  I ate the brisket sandwich (surprisingly small compared to my parents food) and some of the broccoli rice casserole (I farmed out the rest under the flag of “You don’t have any of this, try some!”) and since everyone agreed the potatoes were bad, I didn’t feel bad leaving them on the plate.  So I didn’t really do too terribly badly.  Skipped afternoon snack as well, since we were doing Mother’s Day Celebration dinner.

We went out to BJ’s Brewhouse and Grill.  Even though I’d declared it my “cheat” night, I still wanted to not go too overboard, so I chose off the “under 575 calories” menu and had a yummy chicken pesto flatbread with a side salad.  After dinner I had a Klondike bar (only 220 calories, much less than regular ice cream, strangely).IMG_2109

week of the kiddos

Well, you’ve mostly heard about my week with all these Food, Fitness, & Faith updates, but you haven’t heard about the kids, so here’s their updates:

Monday was, as previously mentioned cold & rainy & full of laundry.  The kids came home from school to see piles & piles of the stuff for them to put away, but they were okay with it because the piles were warm and fluffy.  The kids watched some of their latest obsession: Avatar: The Last Airbender (which everyone else in the universe seems to be watching right now.  Cepheids, friends from various churches, kids of friends from high school.  everyone.)

Tuesday I got all the kids to school.  (Greg at MDO)

It was David’s Track & Field Day.  This year the 4th & 5th graders got to have a big track meet with some of the other elementary schools over at Rose Stadium (the big one the two high schools use). I was only going to go for the first half, but David didn’t have a whole lot going on during that time period, so I stayed til the end.  It was a big disappointment for him: he followed directions and didn’t get a chance to play any games because none of the other kids were following instructions.DSCN2224

Tuesday afternoon they watched some more Airbender (as I call it.  Avatar, as they call it).  Greg and I dug holes for the azaleas that had magically appeared in our front yard.  We planted & watered them.DSCN2254 The brothers had to be pried out of their seats to go to piano lessons.

Wednesday morning Greg and I spent at my friend SJ’s.  We spent ALL MORNING LONG there.  We played inside with drums, then outside with spray bottles and brooms.  We ate lots of snacks and the kids drank lots of juice (me, I had COFFEE).  So much fun.  See:DSCN2249

That afternoon Greg and I repotted some plants, big and small:


Thursday was the Day that Wouldn’t End.  There were no toaster pastries left when we got up, which I had promised as a special treat (Nick didn’t know that David had eaten his already, so he thought he was saving me from fighting kids by eating the last two), so we had to go to the grocery store before school.  Eventually got everyone to school, but then I had 10,000 errands to run and none of them went exactly as planned (mostly the scout related ones, naturally).  I did manage to buy everything needed (I went to the grocery twice and Wal-mart as well) and got back homewards just in time to pick kids up from school.  Of course then the kids had kids with them, which I’d invited and everything, but had forgotten about having over.  So the house was a wreck, people were coming over, I had no snacks (despite all the grocery runs), and there was chaos. Which is when my mom called to say that the main city water line had broken outside of their house; water was everywhere and they couldn’t leave to come up here because they were blocked in my giant bulldozers. I couldn’t do anything for her, but for us, all was not lost: we had water balloons and Junk Trail Mix (saving money/parenting tip: if you have a houseful of kids, no “real” snacks on hand, but lots of leftover holiday junk food, combine the whole thing in a bowl, toss, then dish out as “Junk Trail Mix” The children will devour it, think you’re the funnest parent ever, and you will have saved money by not shelling out for “real” snacks).  DSCN2256The water balloons saved the day and there was much fun wetness. We filled up fifty balloons, split up into three teams, and picked our bases.  The big kids took the jungle gym, the medium kids took the trampoline, and me & Greg took the comfy chair (there really were only two bases that were decent choices, alas).  The big kids were very sneaky and let the younger kids throw all their balloons before pelting them from above.  DSCN2262We also noticed that throwing balloons up there did no good, as they bounced on the wood and did not explode, so that gave the big kids more ammo to pelt us with.  After the filled balloons were gone, I went inside to check the camera and the kids started filling more balloons, but not tying them off.  They figured out that they could be twisted and thrown with all the watery splash and none of the broken balloon pieces, as long as they were throwing short range.  They also kept trying to lure me outside to get me wet: a cute kid looking sad at the door while two to the side were armed with balloons waiting to pelt me when I opened the door. After everyone went back to their homes, we grabbed a quick dinner before Nick and David left for Webelo scouts.

Today is Friday and my parents are on their way up.  We’ll spend the afternoon with them, then hit somewhere fun for an early Mother’s Day celebration, since our Saturday is filled with church stuff and they’re going home early Sunday morning.

Day Five: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day five was when I fell apart.


I got up, couldn’t find the exercise video I wanted, so had to do a different one.  It was for the balance ball, an upper body workout, and really, it did go okay, but my head was down towards the ground a lot, which made my headache (day 5 of headaches, day 5 of fitness.  a coincidence?) so much worse.  Surprisingly, as the day wore on what I missed the most of my workout was the cardio part.


Breakfast was fine: another variation of oatmeal, fruit, and tea.  Snack was unexpectedly a mini muffin at Greg’s MDO (muffins for moms, whee). Lunch was a small portion of a low-calorie version of mac-&-cheese with some yummy herbed zucchini.  Dinner was pasta & sauce leftovers. 


Everything was all right to that point, but after the crazy day I had (nothing went right.  nothing.  And then the kids brought other kids home, which I’d forgotten entirely)  I really wanted a beer after dinner.  So I had one.  And then I wanted just a few Reece’s Pieces, so I had some of those, too.  And then another high calorie bit of junk before bed.  Like I said, after days of denial of things I really wanted, I caved. 


I was going to allow myself a cheat night for Mother’s Day and I’ll just have to think of this one as this week’s cheat and Mother’s Day as next week’s cheat come a bit early, right?  Tomorrow is, as they say, another day, so I’ll just have to start over and be good again.

Day Four: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day Four was my last day of the week with my Nancy Marmorat video. Today’s focused on the "butt-ox" (I can’t help but giggle when she says it like that; it sounds like some ugly beast, silly, but true).  I like to refer to it as the "booty" instead. 😉

Foodwise: breakfast was at my friend’s house and she’d made yummy sausage rolls.  I had two of those, some grapes, and half a banana, encompassing both breakfast and snack times (we were there all morning).  Lunch was leftover sausage & polenta & green beans.  After-school snack was pistachio pudding (oh, and I was wrong earlier this week: we use 1% milk, so it’s even fewer calories).  Dinner was beans & cornbread & pickles (Wednesday night is vegetarian night at our house).


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I usually drink black tea at breakfast, green tea at lunch, then water at all other times.  Sometimes I drink extra tea, but my rule is that I have to drink another half glass of water with my tea to rule out any dehydration that might come from it. (And that’s what keeps me from drinking too much tea)