Food, Fitness, & Faith, day, ummm…

Well, around day 11 I got a fever and tried to rest by not exercising.  Didn’t help. Food wise I did okay. Day 12 I was still feverish.  I also tried to rest by not exercising, but I HAD to work the school book fair, so that wasn’t really restful, was it? I did okay … Continue reading Food, Fitness, & Faith, day, ummm…

Day 9: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day 9 was all about having healthy priorities and becoming an expert about your own body and figuring out your next steps.  My Healthy Next Steps include things like: talking to the doctor about ongoing health issues, getting rid of the junk food in the house (which is good for every part of me), and … Continue reading Day 9: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Neurologist appt

There's a post over at The Thousand Teeth about my visit to the neurologist, in case anyone is interested. 🙂  If you're not interested, then here, have a picture of a weird flower:

Day 8: Food, Fitness, and Faith

Happy Mother’s Day!   Since it’s Mother’s Day, I didn’t get up and do my exercising right away.  I got up, threw on clothes, and took my family over to wish my mom a happy day & give her our presents (a book full of prompts for her life story and a pink bromeliad).  She … Continue reading Day 8: Food, Fitness, and Faith

Day 7: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day 7 fell on the Sabbath and my parents were in town.  We got up, walked over there (the short way), and had what passes as breakfast at my mom’s house: store bought sweet rolls.  Checked the calorie count and ate just one (220 calories).  Also had a banana and a cup of coffee.    … Continue reading Day 7: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day 6: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day 6 I got up and tried to do my 10 minute Dance Solutions video.  I have several problems with it: 1) There's no instruction, just dancing. 2) I am trying to lose weight, which means that I cannot see all my muscles, so I have no idea which ones are moving.  3) I can't … Continue reading Day 6: Food, Fitness, & Faith

week of the kiddos

Well, you’ve mostly heard about my week with all these Food, Fitness, & Faith updates, but you haven’t heard about the kids, so here’s their updates: Monday was, as previously mentioned cold & rainy & full of laundry.  The kids came home from school to see piles & piles of the stuff for them to … Continue reading week of the kiddos

Day Five: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day five was when I fell apart.   I got up, couldn’t find the exercise video I wanted, so had to do a different one.  It was for the balance ball, an upper body workout, and really, it did go okay, but my head was down towards the ground a lot, which made my headache … Continue reading Day Five: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day Four: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day Four was my last day of the week with my Nancy Marmorat video. Today's focused on the "butt-ox" (I can't help but giggle when she says it like that; it sounds like some ugly beast, silly, but true).  I like to refer to it as the "booty" instead. 😉 Foodwise: breakfast was at my … Continue reading Day Four: Food, Fitness, & Faith

around the house

If you come to my house this week, you’ll see a whole lot of little blue post-it notes around on the walls like this:   If you are a guest here, please ignore these signs, as they are for family only.      Nick and the kids have been asking for things they could do … Continue reading around the house