Day Two: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day Two was all about your partnership with God.  It reminded us not only to avoid unhealthy foods, but to remember that you can ask God to help you with that part of the journey.  That God is always protecting you and to try to remember that when you’re faced with unhealthy choices of all … Continue reading Day Two: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Last part of kid update post

Friday morning was the Royal Wedding, so we all got up extra early. Well, that's why I got up extra early. I don't know why everyone else did. But I commandeered the TV and switched it over to wedding programming, which I'd been recording for hours earlier. We fast-forwarded through the commercials and less interesting … Continue reading Last part of kid update post

Long awaited kids post, part two

Wednesday the 20th was David's birthday, the big 10! He was very excited to be a double digits kid, finally! His brothers gave him lots of extra love. We baked pound cake cupcakes (I recommend a double batch for the future) with chocolate buttercream frosting for his class. Now for a quick story about my … Continue reading Long awaited kids post, part two