Thanksgiving week

So after we came back from Austin, my parents came back to Tyler, too. So we spent Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday pretty much hanging out at their house 3/4 of each day. Came home just to eat dinner and clean up the mess from that and do some laundry. The kids watched a … Continue reading Thanksgiving week

Thanksgiving #1

…or maybe #2 or #3…who really knows.  How bout this: first one with all our little family!  We drove down to Manor on Saturday morning and headed directly to my sister’s house.  There I dropped off the spouse and the younger kids with my parents and headed off back into Austin for the Christopher Paolini … Continue reading Thanksgiving #1

Fall is almost over…

...and I can't believe that I never got around to sharing my fall decor this year.  I put it up early, like the 2nd to last week in August.  I had a house full of kids that day (literally; at least 2 kids for every one of mine) and for some reason I decided that … Continue reading Fall is almost over…

Leading up to Thanksgiving

(It’s really hard to come up with titles these days. Apparently I’ve been blogging too long.) Tuesday I went and got my eyes checked. It’d been a while and my left eye has been behaving oddly. They set me up with the new doctor, as my old doctor is easing his way into retirement. The … Continue reading Leading up to Thanksgiving

SuperMom, SuperFriend, SuperTired

  A couple weeks ago I realized that a friend I rarely see these days was posting a lot about not having time to finish her work projects and that her son was really lonely.  I made a few small overatures of "Hey, send that kid my way" by text message, but heard nothing back.  … Continue reading SuperMom, SuperFriend, SuperTired

B’s 8th Birthday Party

This day has been crazy.  I got up, had breakfast with Nick, then picked up my mom and went out to Hawkins to get the kids.  We got the full tour of the house remodel as it stands (bedrooms & bathrooms done, walls up but not sheetrocked for the rest of the house) and got … Continue reading B’s 8th Birthday Party

Sunday catch-up

Friday was, as I mentioned, a busy day. First I took David to school, then took the younger two kids to their well-child check-ups. (I am nearly always a month late on Greg’s.) Both kids are doing well. Neither is above the 25th percentile for their height. Ben is spot on for his weight. Greg … Continue reading Sunday catch-up

Prepping for the weekend….

I’ve been working overtime this week preparing for B's 8th birthday party. We sent out invitations last week shaped & photoshopped to look like Pokemon cards. I’m thinking they’ve mostly gone astray, as I’ve only heard back from the two parents that I personally talked to about the party. That being said, we invited 16, … Continue reading Prepping for the weekend….

Happy Birthday B!

It's my middle son's 8th birthday today.  I love him so much!  We had special cranberry orange muffins (from a package, not homemade, that was part of the request) for breakfast and played Quirkle (his new favorite game - from his Aunt Kay).  I will be bringing his class homemade white cupcakes with colored frosting … Continue reading Happy Birthday B!

Tea & cameras & boys, oh my!

Over the weekend we had gotten gifts from various people. One of my best friends gave me an awesome lightweight tea cup and the other one gave me tea from Teavana with a special tea filter thingiebobber as well. Greg got a camera as a belated birthday gift. Yesterday we made a whole bunch of … Continue reading Tea & cameras & boys, oh my!