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  1. Transcription:

    Hello. I’m trying to post my blog by phone today. Which I find very interesting. I didn’t know it was a possibility. So I don’t know if it will post my voice or if it’s actually going to transcribe it or something but I thought this is fun. Especially since I’m having trouble with my hands right now. I’ve been doing a little too much crafting trying to get caught up for Christmas and my hands are just killing me. And I tried posting by iPhone dictation to my other blog yesterday and that was interesting. I’m hoping today’s blog post goes better. Anyways, I guess having a good week because I am getting some crafting done. And hopefully in a day or two my best friend will have her baby and we’ll go down to College Station for Christmas. So it is looking to be a fun week. Anyway I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and we’ll see ya’ll later. Bye.


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