Exercise makes me grumpy

So it’s day one of exercise and already I’m grumpy.  I don’t know why.  My husband loves to exercise; it makes him all glowy.  Me, though, it makes grumpy.


I love the video I started with, which was recommended by a friend:


Things I like about it: 1) It truly does start at the beginning.  As in: “Move your arm like this. *goes on for a while*  Now the other one.  *goes on for a while*  Now do your leg like this.  Try to keep your arm moving, but if you can’t, try to learn the leg now and we’ll put it together in a minute.”  (No, not a literal quote, but more of a “hey, you’re a beginner” vibe you get.)  Rather than “Okay, do this whole combination at once even though I haven’t taught you any of the parts.”  Anyway, this video was good, had girls that giggled when they were doing something that was really dumb looking, and was something I’d try again.  Disclaimer: I only did 23 of 33 minutes.  I was exhausted by then.


So, exercise: I did some.  And now I’m off to take some pain reliever because even a small amount of low-impact arm and leg waving gives me a terrible headache (hey, maybe that’s why I’m grumpy).