Anyone, anywhere

Can I say something?   I just want YOU to know, YOU, whoever you are, whatever choices you've made, whatever wrongs you think you have done, whatever you think you are to the world out there:   I LOVE YOU. I THINK ABOUT YOU. I PRAY TO GOD/THE UNIVERSE/WHATEVER THERE IS FOR YOU. AND I … Continue reading Anyone, anywhere

Mental Health Day (a cross-post)

I am starting to think that what I really need is a mental health blog.  Or to combine all my little blogs into one big blog so I can stop repeating myself from different angles.  Who knows. A friend of mine committed suicide this weekend.  We weren’t close lately, hadn’t been for a couple years, … Continue reading Mental Health Day (a cross-post)

Merrily I Roll Along

I'm adding to this post as I go on today.  Seemed like fun! My bedroom & bathroom before (the parts I'm working on today only): 9am After: 10am: noon My spouse is home for lunch, but he is very busy preparing things for dinner. Apparently it is multi-step and I will need to assist as … Continue reading Merrily I Roll Along

More organizing

I promised more organizing for the next day's post and many days have gone by and I can't remember any more what I organized, so I'm looking through my pictures to help me remember: Honestly, I've gotten nothing else done since then, except a tiny bit in my makeup & hair boxes.  Steph and I … Continue reading More organizing

Working life is full of fullness!

I was talking to a friend today over "coffee" (I had chai tea and she had lemonade, actually, but we will still call it "coffee" because I can't think of anything better right now) about the challenges of working a non-specific schedule.  I had had all these plans to organize the whole house this week, … Continue reading Working life is full of fullness!

January Projects

As you know, I go crazy in January and start cleaning and organizing everything in sight.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's the cold, rainy weather.   Yesterday I tackled my hallway bathroom closet, which I guess could also be called my linen closet.   Before:   During: After several hours and possibly a billion … Continue reading January Projects


I guess I should catch up with the rest of the week first.  All righty then!   Wednesday I went to the doctor for my physical.  We talked about many things, like my meds (they've changed), my blood pressure (it's happy), my anxiety (lessened by meds, yay!), weight loss (uh, yeah), and my heart condition, … Continue reading Weeeeeeekend!

Quantifiable things

1. I have exercised this week.  I'm stretching each morning and trying not to fall on my face. I'm following the Workout Trainer App on my Android and while I'm not in love with it, it's better than nothing for a free exercise course to get me started.  Also, my friend Monaca and I agreed … Continue reading Quantifiable things

Greetings world!

I'm working on the blog over the next day or so.  I got some really icky comments from some really icky seeming people this week and I'm rethinking the blog format and how to keep my little family safe and secure while still sharing with y'all some of the fun and crafty and book reading … Continue reading Greetings world!