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Scone versus biscuit

ImageWe’re having breakfast this morning, one of those Martha White bagged breakfast bread kind of mornings, when the topic of biscuits versus scones comes up.  These drop biscuits really resemble unfettered muffins more than biscuits or scones, with their weird shape and overwhelming sweetness.

So we took to the Internet and found that most sites will tell you that yes, there’s a difference, but nowhere did they state that exact difference (other than the whole “one is Scottish, one is associated with the American South” thing).  So later in the week when we’re not so pressed for time, do expect us to have a scone versus biscuits extravaganza.  Yes, we’re going to bake this out.  🙂

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Life After Blog

When I shut down my blog several months ago, it was because I just didn’t want to write any more.  I felt guilty when I didn’t blog enough, I felt bad when I didn’t have anything interesting to say and I blogged about daily life anyway, and most days writing just seemed too hard.

I went several months without blogging.  Life was good again.  I didn’t feel the need to document every movement I and my family made.  We just LIVED.  I stopped taking as many pictures and lived through moments instead of seeming them through a tiny lens.  It was wondrous.

It was also very, very weird.  I’ve been blogging since before there was blogging.  I’ve had a diary, journal, notebook, scrap of paper or something in my hands since I was a little girl.  I noticed an uptick in Facebook and twitter posts.  Then I started writing longer notes in my head that I never posted because they were too long for Facebook. I started writing in a paper journal again, only to realize that my hands are no longer up to that task. So I started searching for an app for journalling on my computer, but that wasn’t enough.  I wanted input on my writing.

Which lead me back to blogging.  So welcome back to the new Life According to Lisa. 🙂

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  –Maya Angelou