Our New “Favorite Movie Ever”

Took the kids to see "Frozen" this afternoon, so all you people I've shushed can now talk to me about the movie.  It was delightful! So delightful, in fact, that Greg asked to watch it again the minute it was over. Or to go buy it on "cd." When I said those were not options, he … Continue reading Our New “Favorite Movie Ever”

Ben is Adorable

I frequently forget to post adorably weird things about Ben. He is fabulously weird. Case in point: I walked into the living room this morning and he was having a conversation with the dog about parrots. "How do people live with them? What if they landed on your head claws out?! There'd be blood everywhere! … Continue reading Ben is Adorable

While the cat’s away, the mouse will play…

I'm not sure which is which in this scenario, actually. Nick and the boys went off to a Winter Family Weekend and did this all weekend: I drove home and spent time putting things away from our week at Grandma's house and then went off and did this:

Doctor Who is Fantastic!

For a lovely, wonderful three-hour block today, my sister and kids and I watched Doctor Who. It was beautiful. Since she left it's been nothing but soap operas. Apparently my mom only tolerates Doctor Who for my sister.

Oddly Good

The phrase of the day is "oddly good." I used it in reference to a weird apple fritter donut, but my family has taken it up as their own. So MANY things can be oddly good.

Date Night!

We are having a fancy dinner tonight! All sushi, all the time. And cocktails. Because it's not a date without cocktails. Well, not an evening date without cocktails in any case. We ordered WAY too much food for ourselves for one night, but sushi does not do well sitting in the car, even in this … Continue reading Date Night!

Ben, Ben, Ben….

Ten minutes ago my kid announced he needed a Christmas shirt for school. Here's what 10 minutes and some markers gets you. 

Polar Express 2013

We took our fourth ride on the Polar Express. We're becoming experts at it. 🙂 This year for the first time my sister joined us, so we got to relive the newness of the ride with her. It was lovely. 🙂   After all that, we hit our usual Mexican restaurant for dinner and everyone … Continue reading Polar Express 2013