SAHM’s never stay at home

I had that day where I only had one appointment on the calendar, but managed to have to be away from home all day long. Attended PTA Council meeting, signed up for Fit City Tyler, tried (without success) to join my husband’s gym, got children necessary 2nd semester supplies, and finished my critique of a friends screenplay. Tomorrow there will be laundry and my own writing done. It will be good.

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Four Things Make A Post

1. Wondering when Dry Shampoo became Not A Thing Anymore. It used to be everywhere when I didn’t want it and now that I do, I can’t find it.
2. Greg hates school. Nothing in particular, just going. How do I fix that?!?!?!
3. David called me because I was 7 minutes later coming home from dropping off younger kids than usual. He was worried I forgot to take him to school. It was pretty funny. (Where was I? Looking for Dry Shampoo.)
4. Last minute kid projects are less than fun. I’m just saying.

Living in the backyard

This morning Greg and I were snuggling on the couch and he tells me “I’m going to go live in the backyard soon.” Which was totally unrelated to our conversation. I was puzzled, too, because it is winter and not really the best time of year to be in the elements. I asked him how he was going to deal with the cold and without batting an eye, he launched into a description of how he was going to put solar panels on the roof for electricity and use a rain barrel to catch water for his bathing needs. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to ask him how he planned to cook his meals. I am imagining a little cottage made from one of those sheds you see everywhere in our neighborhood (older houses lack storage, naturally) with rain gutters and solar panels on top and I am still giggling over it.

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Scouts trip to see the Lady Apaches

Last night while I was at work, Nick took the Tiger Cubs of Okee Tuklo Pack 369 to a Lady Apaches Basketball game at Tyler Junior College. The gym there is very nice and they let scouts in to the game for free.

TJC Lady Apaches Basketball
TJC Lady Apaches Basketball
Go Apaches!
Go Apaches!
Tiger Cubs watching the game (Greg is so not amused that his daddy is blocking his view path).
Tiger Cubs watching the game (Greg is so not amused that his daddy is blocking his view path).
You go girls!
You go girls!

Everything is funny this morning

1. The sign says 5 days until visit the Popes. David says “We’re going to see the Pope? More than one?” Me: “Yes, we’re becoming Catholic. It’s a big deal.” (No, we aren’t really. Yes, people have asked. No, just no.)
2. Picasa recognizes me in pictures regardless of what’s on my head. (I apparently put a lot of silly things on my head.)
3. No one wanted to go to school today, not even Ben. Ben always wants to go to school. He pretended he was a cat for 20 minutes and ignored me (with appropriate head turnings and pawing.)

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Is it International Night or Variety Show?! IT’S BOTH!

At Nick’s church there is definitely a “more is better” philosophy going on when it comes to events. If a chili supper for the whole church is fun, adding a sing-a-long is better. If a potluck isn’t quite enough, a game night makes it even better. So therefore if there’s an International Dinner, a Variety Show must follow. (Not that this is all bad…I’m just a one-thing-at-a-time kind of gal.)

Nick and his mom
Nick and his mom getting ready to help serve at the Greek table
Food table one
Food table one: Greek food
Food table two
Food table two: German food
Yet more food!
Yet more German food!
Half Greek, half German! Yum!
Pretty decorations
Pretty decorations
David and his friends
David and his friends
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The Heater Hates Me

So, no heat for us today. Or rather, we have replaced a part that will temporarily allow us a bit of heat, but at much lower temps than we are used to…because another part is broken, which made the “engine” (for lack of better word) of the heater overheat…and that could break any time now. Unfortunately, everyone up to and including the company that makes the heater seems to be out of that particular part, so who knows when it can be fixed. Oh the joy. Fortunately, the children and I are blanket hoarders.

Science ruins magic

Actual kid conversation at breakfast: B: “Sometimes being smart bums me out.” Me: “For example?” B: “Rainbows. They’re supposed to be all magic and cool, but I know they’re really refracted light.” D: “Yeah, science ruins magic.” Me: “But sometimes science lets you see so far down into things that you find more magic!” Them: *silence*

A dog’s life is never dull

Rose is addicted to Greg’s green Monster’s Inc. socks. Just like a kid with a thousand toys, she carries ordinary things around and tries to play with them.

David funny

I couldn’t find my other shoe this morning (of any pair — Rose keeps running off with them) and it’s too cold for bare feet. David shouts to me from the other room “You only need one shoe to put the pedal to the metal, Mom!”