My kids crack me up.

I was talking about one of my Christmas presents, a writer’s toolbox, and telling them that we’d play with it later. Two kids were interested in doing it while the third said “I have a great idea! You write the stories and I will sell them for you!”

Out of the box
shiny and new
You have a certain smell
that jars my nose
and makes my brain happy.

You are heavily lightweight.
Your instructions written
by a person with little grasp
of the language required.

I look for a power cord,
a place to put one —
any hole, really, will do.
You are flawlessly

Confronted by the fact
that perhaps
you were mailed with
not your own:

Oh, new toy. How you

But wait–
A child comes.
Takes one look and utters the magic phrase:

Ode to A New Toy

The TARDIS is a REALLY BIG cookie jar.

Woke up with a migraine, accident prone, and missing the necessary ingredients to make muffins. Decided to go back to bed. Woke up, continued to be all of the above, and declared it Laze Around and Fend For Yourself Day. The children cheered and ran to the Tardis.