Kids Room Makeover

I'm giving the younger kids room a bit of a makeover because they had a bookshelf collapse under the weight of too many books (whee!) and because I stole their favorite chair (and am replacing it) and my parents gave them a sturdier table. But OH MY. I'm thinking I ought to have just gone … Continue reading Kids Room Makeover


Dear Scout Pack 369, I'm sorry I brought my 101 degree fever to your banquet. I didn't know I had one after I baked the brownies and fed them all to you and rubbed my germy hands all over your scouts little fuzzy heads. So sorry. :*( Love, Me

Three days of kids home sick

David's on day 3, Greg's on day 1. If the cycle continues, I'll probably have all three home tomorrow. I also have the sore throat and the cough is starting. Nick seems impervious. Yay for Nick!

Cub Scouts at Camp Ford

Nick and I took the Pack 369 Tiger Cubs up for a tour of Camp Ford, the largest Prisoner of War camp during the Civil War this side of the Mississippi. Meeting up at the front of Camp Ford One picture of one sign. No, really, I took pictures of ALL of them. If you … Continue reading Cub Scouts at Camp Ford

Dear brain,

Dear brain, When I told you I wanted to dream about my writing, I was not asking you to send me a whole other story to write; I wanted help with what I'm currently working in. No love, Me

Writing retreat weekend in progress

Food discussed (pinterest purused). Food eaten (after much delay). Publishing industry discussed. More food purchased (Fresh!). Slept (my first time with puppy in bed). Woken (puppies have small bladders). More food eaten (Fresh muffins are good). Writing discussed. Writing pondered. Writing stared at. Writing done? Possibly. Food prepared (Steph makes a yummy marinara). Food eaten. … Continue reading Writing retreat weekend in progress