I walked in and…

I walked in and Mom said " Rose is ignoring me." And I was like "Since when does Rose have horns?" Mom was like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?!"  This is a story from B. He's been begging me to post it because he finds it super funny. 🙂

National Junior Honor Society

Our son was selected to be part of his school's National Junior Honor Society for next year. (If you don't know what that is, go here.) I'll be honest here: I was not an NJHS member in junior high.  I got decent grades, but I was not leadership material at that time and I was … Continue reading National Junior Honor Society

The Muffins of Substitution!

So it's four days until payday, I promised the kids muffins, and I'm out of everything I need. Items subbed: brown rice flour for regular white wheat (made them crumblier), yogurt for milk (made them tangier), baking soda+cream of tartar+corn starch for baking powder (I didn't notice any difference), butter for oil (yum), and mini … Continue reading The Muffins of Substitution!

Cub Scout Camping

The Camp Site - I'm trying to decide if it is really on a hill or if Nick took this photo while he was falling over. I keep forgetting to ask. I, personally, didn't camp with them (David and I spent the night comfortably at Nana & Pa's house and had dinner with the cousins), … Continue reading Cub Scout Camping


Getting back on The FlyLady bandwagon and getting my house/life/sanity under control. Spring Break was fabulous, but the cleanup is going to take a while. Have had a nice last few days at home. It is so good to finally be at home and get things done that need doing. I've updated my household notebook … Continue reading Flying!

Spring Break

When we were planning Spring Break originally, Nick wasn't taking time off. I'd thought about going to see my parents or staying here...and then at the weekend we had a Teen Regional Weekend for church.  Plans changed. Nick looked at the schedule and realized this was a great time to a) do our family vacation … Continue reading Spring Break