First week of summer break!

Well, the first week of summer week has come and gone. SO.VERY.FAST!!


Day One (which was Monday. I don’t count weekends.): Rain, with a side of rain, some more rain, swim lessons, and some instrument shopping.

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Day Two: Library Time, instrument trials, and new muffin recipes. We are already tired of summer.  We’ve not done a single fun thing I’d planned on doing this week. Themed days thrown out the window due to swimming-lesson-induced exhaustion. School bridge activity books ignored in favor of books from library. I am too tired for words. The kids seem…fine…actually. So, success?

2014-06-09 15.12.20 2014-06-09 16.50.29 2014-06-10 08.16.56

Day Three: Swim lessons are really fun!

2014-06-10 13.49.35

Day Four: 

New plan: kids ASKED for return of the responsibility chart, dailies & rewards list. Apparently they like that better than a timed schedule. Also made dailies list for the mama & dad, so everyone can feel equal, and also get stickers (Greg insisted we needed them – maybe we do). So we printed those out and immediately people got their morning lists done without me asking. Interesting. And now the planned activities are a list they can chose from at random when boredom strikes (which we’ve done before & they said they hated, but now want again). Interesting. I’m just rolling with it. If things get done, good. If not, good. The chore chart request is still cracking me up.

2014-06-12 09.22.59

Day Five: We´ve been in the backyard watching lightning bugs tonight. They’re coming way closer to the house than they used to. Here, Nick has caught one for the kids to look at closely.

2014-06-13 20.40.34

End of School Fun!

2014-06-04 13.03.09
2014-06-04 13.12.44
2014-06-04 13.25.58
2014-06-04 13.59.56
2014-06-05 13.59.48
2014-06-05 13.59.55
2014-06-05 14.22.01
2014-06-05 14.45.23

It is the last day of the hardest school year we’ve ever gone through. Harder than when I had a newborn and a toddler and a kindergartner, and yes, harder even than that year the tree fell on the house and we had to move out for four months. You have no idea. I am so relieved and happy that this school year is over!! To celebrate, we let all the kids duck out of school early. Ben and Greg got to go to a book signing by  a guy that Ben had seen a movie about at his GT program and David got to go to a movie with his friend Ben. Afterwards we all met at home for a Cream Soda Tasting party. 🙂


So I only slept about an hour last night and have been living on coffee this morning. The kids are saying things like: “MOM, YOU ARE SO HYPER!!!” and “STOP DRINKING COFFEE!” and “WE ARE CUTTING YOU OFF!!” (while drinking coffee themselves, of course.)

Oh my goodness. The morning just keeps getting better (she said sarcastically). Rose got out and we were already running late to school and I was chasing her down the street with my wild hair and inappropriate footwear and yelling for David to come help (she’ll go to him) and this sweet walker lady was trying to help and David was not coming out. Oh, it was delightful. He finally came and walked the dog back home, so we drove around the block on our way out of the neighborhood and saw the walker walking into her yard & stopped & thanked her & now she probably thinks we’re stalkers. Got back home and David was curled up in a ball on the couch moaning. He’s got the stomach virus the rest of us had last week and it’s his last B day of school and he’s insistent that he “has” to go to school. I am sure I need more caffeine now.

Note to self: being sarcastic about the morning does not make it better.

PS. I am NOT bringing cookies to the Fifth Grade Graduation tonight. No one needs this stomach virus.

Almost done with PTA!

My End-of-Year Summary letter for PTA is coming off the printer now and we only have individual class parties and the Fifth Grade Graduation left of the school year.

For that matter, the class parties are mostly being planned by the teachers, so I only have to show up and help out at my two kids parties (plus the school was super nice this year and assigned the class parties separate times from each other so parents don’t have to run back and forth and back and forth across one little half hour for all their kids). The only thing PTA needs to do for Fifth Grade Graduation is to bake some cookies and deliver them to the school.

I’m looking around the house and realizing that, wow, I have a lot of PTA stuff to take back up to the school or pass off to next years board. You don’t realize how much of it comes home with you and lingers in corners and closets until you start gathering it up to give back.

In case anyone’s interested, here’s a copy of the letter I sent out for our end-of-the-year summary:End of the year letter.