First week of summer break!

Well, the first week of summer week has come and gone. SO.VERY.FAST!! Day One (which was Monday. I don't count weekends.): Rain, with a side of rain, some more rain, swim lessons, and some instrument shopping. Day Two: Library Time, instrument trials, and new muffin recipes. We are already tired of summer.  We've not done a single fun … Continue reading First week of summer break!

End of School Fun!

It is the last day of the hardest school year we've ever gone through. Harder than when I had a newborn and a toddler and a kindergartner, and yes, harder even than that year the tree fell on the house and we had to move out for four months. You have no idea. I am … Continue reading End of School Fun!


So I only slept about an hour last night and have been living on coffee this morning. The kids are saying things like: "MOM, YOU ARE SO HYPER!!!" and "STOP DRINKING COFFEE!" and "WE ARE CUTTING YOU OFF!!" (while drinking coffee themselves, of course.) Oh my goodness. The morning just keeps getting better (she said … Continue reading CCOOOOOFFFFFEEEEE

Almost done with PTA!

My End-of-Year Summary letter for PTA is coming off the printer now and we only have individual class parties and the Fifth Grade Graduation left of the school year. For that matter, the class parties are mostly being planned by the teachers, so I only have to show up and help out at my two … Continue reading Almost done with PTA!