Trying to Get Rid of Books

Coming to my house, people inevitably say “Wow, you have a lot of books!” or “You must love reading!” (which just amuses me to death because when am I NOT talking about books?). I have four bookshelves in the living room, one in the kitchen, two in each kids bedroom, and a huge one in the master bedroom. They are all overflowing with books. Books fall off at the least provocation. It really is likely that we have to many.

The problem lies in disposing of them. For the most part, I don’t buy books unless I know I’m going to love them and so how do I get rid of books that I love? How does anyone do this?  I’m really asking this as a question, people. I want to know: how do YOU get rid of books?

Here’s the thing: I have a couple bags of books I was willing to let go of. Most of them are Nick’s or the boys or things we purchased to meet some end, like Puppy Training or Tiger Cub Scouts guidebooks. But MY books?  I just can’t get rid of them.

I tried just tossing a few into the bag without thinking much of it. I let them sit there and then I looked at the holes on the shelves and the empty spot looked sadly back at me and I took the books out of the bags and put them back.

These aren’t inanimate objects. There are whole lives in these things. Lives of the characters, places I’ve been in my mind, events I’ve lived through. And not just things and people and places and events that are written about. Re-reading these books reminds me of where I was the last time I read them. People that interrupted my reading, events that took place while I was reading, places that I holed up in a corner and read in.

That’s why I’m having a hard time letting go. This is not just a hardcover copy of “Rebuilding Coventry” in my hand. It’s the story of how I read “Rebuilding Coventry” as a book borrowed from a beloved friend, returned it to her slightly unwillingly because it was so very funny, purchased after much searching by myself in various and sundry stores all over Texas, and then finally re-read during a really hard time where I thought I might just be going crazy after all and this book helped me hold it together. (Books help me hold it together A LOT.)

So I’m re-reading some of the books, trying to remember why I’m holding on to them so tightly, trying to say good-bye to some dearly loved “friends” that I’ve spent years looking at on my shelves.

And I can’t get rid of them all. I’m not trying to, I’m just trying to get it back to manageability. Trying to make space in my tiny, tiny house for other things that are important to us, like all our musical instruments (four musicians times at least two instruments apiece), and our Lego and craft creations, and our collection of things we’ve brought back from places we’ve visited and loved. These are all important, too.

Anyway, that is what is going on this end-of-the-week at my house. I’m wandering around, staring at the bookshelves, and dipping into books here and there. I’m reading and crying and reading some more. I’ve even put a few more books into the bag…IMG_2871

…and then chaos ensued.

That seems to be the end of every sentence in my world lately. “My parents came to town…”  “We checked the mail and there were more Pokemon cards…” “Your aunt and uncle called and they are coming to visit next week…” “The computer says the hard drive is failing…” “Hey, let’s get a better printer for the Tyler house…”


So there’s been attempted computer repair, setting up a new computer and printer and installing all the new software and explaining how all that works to my dad (a process which will be ongoing for the next couple months despite me installing & tweaking things that make Windows 8 feel more like Windows 7), frantic cleaning, the reorganizing of ALL THE POKEMON CARDS.  


Nick sat the kids down last night and asked them to bathe and put themselves into bed without bothering me or I might explode and kill all the people.  Umm, yeah. So they did. Quietly, quickly, without drama. All while I holed up in my bedroom and drank soothing beverages and ate British chocolate and reread one of my favorite novels (84 Charing Cross Road – if you haven’t read it yet and you love books and reading, GET THEE TO A BOOKSTORE!!!). It was soul and sanity saving, to say the least. (And where did the spouse go? To hang out with my dad. hahaha.)


This morning one of my most soothing friends and her children came over for coffee and snacks and playtime. It was loveliness. Just what I needed in my week. 


After that, we went to my parents house and ate chili cheese dogs I bought us all from Sonic (there was a sale!). The children are STILL at my parents house right now. The Pokemon reorganization can’t be picked up and moved back and forth at this fragile stage of the process, so I left them there and told my parents to kick them out when they got tired of children/cards/the dog underfoot. My house is cool and quiet and I might just go back to reading my book now instead of folding the laundry…you just never know…it could happen…

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 7/20/2014: 6,298 steps and 2.63 miles traveled.

My mood was Ok.

My allergies were 2.

My pain levels were 3.

Journal: Forgot to put the Fitbit back on after my shower before church yesterday. AIE! So no good stats for Saturday or Saturday night. I got it back on first thing this morning. Will have to figure out how to remind myself to put it back on on the way to church. Do not have this problem on regular days so far.”

Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig

Technically I came home more than a week ago. I intended on making my first blog post then with a summary of our big Eastern European trip and a thoughtful essay on things I’d learned about myself while I was away. Then the jet lag hit like a wall made of far sterner stuff than I was made of and I instead spent a week lying in bed dozing and pseudo-watching re-runs of Pretty Little Liars (I like the music on that show; it’s easy to sleep to) while the children ran amok and ate all the granola bars in the house.

So now even Nick is back – he left for Brno, Czech Republic the day David and I arrived back in the US – and we are settled back in to our regular summer routine. Well, almost. We spent a lot of yesterday at the local state park with his family and the kids came home exhausted, so they are sleeping in today: hence this blog post.

New things around here:

  1. We gave up on the themed days. The kids were not as enthused by the scheduling as they’d thought they’d be. We did a few days of it, but mostly what they wanted to do was have totally free days where they got to play all the games they wanted and watch all the tv they wanted and eat all the granola bars they wanted. So, last week they had that. This week we are going to have a different kind of schedule, just a bit. I have an idea of what kind of outdoor work needs to be done, so we’re going to do some of that. We’ve got a dentist appointment, and we’ll plan a couple play dates. My parents are unexpectedly here, yet again, so we’ll have to plan around that as well.
  2. I got a Fit Bit. I’m sure you’ve noticed the stats coming through the blog. I thought I’d set it to weekly, but it went daily. Ah well, technology.  In any case, I now weigh more and am more out of shape than I’ve ever been. I wanted something to jumpstart me into some more accountability in my physical wellness and everything I learned online lead me this direction (Well, to be honest, I’d thought about the Garmin band as well, but I couldn’t find one in town that day and it’s main advantage was the I could swim with it and I’ve currently no access to a pool, so that’s a moot point anyways.).


So now the kids are all up and I need to be directing them towards clothing and breakfast.  Hopefully I can get back into blogging with some regularity again now that we are home and things are more settled. 🙂


Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 7/19/2014: 660 steps and 0.3 miles traveled.

My mood was Good

My allergies were 2

You have not written anything in your journal.

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 7/18/2014: 6,476 steps and 2.7 miles traveled.

My mood was good.
My allergies were 2.
Journal: Nick will be coming home tonight! Feeling pretty productive today, which is good, as there’s lots to do before he gets here.

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 7/17/2014: 2,813 steps and 1.2 miles traveled.

You have not logged your mood.
You have not logged your allergies.

Taking the kiddos to the dentist today. Hope that doesn’t take too long. So much to do!

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 7/16/2014: 4,795 steps and 2 miles traveled.

You have not logged your mood.
You have not logged your allergies.

Looks like we’re going to have fun today after all! The Prescott’s want to do park time AND pool time with us. YIPPEE!!!