Sinus surgery – Day 11

I am not well. I just want to point that out in case later someone wonders. There's still icky stuff draining from my nose. Really icky stuff. It looks like Hershey's syrup, brown and goopy. I have talked to the doctor's office and they have prescribed yet stronger antibiotics because I am still all one … Continue reading Sinus surgery – Day 11

Sinus Surgery – Day 9

Things I'm thankful for: 1. Neosporin + Pain Reliever all in one tube. Because I needed to put that stuff on a q-tip and rub it around inside my nose anyway; I'm glad they've added pain reliever so it's bonus good. 2. Nick teaching the boys all the cooking things last week. So today the … Continue reading Sinus Surgery – Day 9

Sinus Surgery – Day 6

1. Have discovered that adding a second kind of pain reliever is key to my comfort. It is so much better. Not pain free by a long shot, but much less intense. More like sinus infection level pain. 2. I made my own lunch today. Well, I started making it yesterday, did bits & pieces … Continue reading Sinus Surgery – Day 6

Sinus surgery – Day 5

This morning, my husband packed himself off and left for The Hague. He'll be there a week and a half and I will be here, fending for myself and the kids. It will be fun! (said nobody ever). The kids are at Nick's parents house for the weekend so they can do their usual church … Continue reading Sinus surgery – Day 5

Sinus surgery – milestones

In the last 24 hours, I: 1. sat at table for dinner last night for first time since surgery. Ate most of my food. Did not collapse. 2. took a real shower. Washed my hair and everything. Did not collapse. 3. rinsed out my nose with irrigator. Marveled at the grossness that came out. Did … Continue reading Sinus surgery – milestones

Sinus Surgery – Day Four

Not that the last few days weren't interesting, but posting about how much blood and gore came out of my nose seemed just too gross, even for me. Good things that happened in the last couple days? A couple more friends brought kids home. One brought yumminess for dinner so Nick could focus on washing … Continue reading Sinus Surgery – Day Four

Sinus surgery – Day Two

I made it through the night all right. I got up once for more pain reliever, but was mostly okay for sleeping. I woke up at the crack of dawn. I was wide awake and actually feeling pretty good. First thing in the morning, I did the sinus rinse the doctor suggested. I used on … Continue reading Sinus surgery – Day Two

Sinus surgery – Day of Surgery

I couldn't sleep in. I just couldn't sleep. So up I got and dressed and ready to go so early. My husband and dad came with me to the little surgery center. It was filled with so many waiting people and an inconceivable number of babies. There was barely room for us all. They had … Continue reading Sinus surgery – Day of Surgery