Rear Window, y’all

Once upon a time, oh, maybe 3 neighbors ago, there were beautiful palm trees planted in the neighbors backyard along the back fence. They were lovingly wrapped up several winters in a row, until the neighbor before this one let them die of neglect. The latest neighbor, faced with dead palm trees, has decided to … Continue reading Rear Window, y’all

Sinus Surgery – 3 weeks out

1. Still having drainage weirdnesses. It's just gross, y'all. You don't want to imagine it. 2. While I do have more energy than I did, I am still falling asleep places and times when I don't want to be (ahem. church. ahem.). 3. I am seriously tired of soup. Yes, I've eaten other food here … Continue reading Sinus Surgery – 3 weeks out

Sinus surgery posts coming soon

I'm working on editing posts I made in the last few weeks about my sinus surgery. Some of them were a little too drug-addled for publication and some of them just too gross. But soon, my friends, soon there will be updates.

Sinus surgery – Day 18

I am thankful for smaller pains. You know how when you have a deep papercut on your finger and you realise that you use that finger for a LOT of things and every time you use it there's a stabbing little pain? Imagine that in your nose every time you breathe in and every time … Continue reading Sinus surgery – Day 18

Sinus surgery – Day 17

Longer than the facebook version.... 1. Had my surgery follow up doctor's appointment today. Only one small spot still looks infection-y. The rest is coming along nicely, whatever that means. I'm healing slower than he'd expected. I'm to be on the look-out for green snot & headaches, both of which I currently have. Yay? He … Continue reading Sinus surgery – Day 17

Sinus surgery – Day 16

Went out to lunch at Bruno's with my lovely BSF ladies today. First time out being social that was not funeral related. God was definitely holding me upright for the funeral. Now I know. Oh so tired. Lunch was interesting in that so many things that I was used to tasting seemed differently flavored. I … Continue reading Sinus surgery – Day 16

Sinus Surgery – Day 14

1. It's been two weeks.... out from surgery & I am on my second round of antibiotics because I can't shake this infection. Inside of my nose feels like fire because of an altercation with a toddler with a hat at a funeral. These things you just can't make up. I called the doctor about … Continue reading Sinus Surgery – Day 14