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Phase One: Done!

I am done with Phase One of my diet.

Phase One: Complete!
Before and After Phase One


Weight: -5 lbs

Neck: -.5 inch

Arms: -.15 inches

Waist: -4 inches

Hips: the same

Thighs: -.5 inch


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High point of the week

After a couple days of being the crankiest woman on earth (so hungry, so tired of these 20 foods in phase one), I noticed this morning that my jacket fit so much better. A week ago, I was having trouble getting it to zip and was worried I’d have to get a new one. So I measured myself…and I’m down 5 inches at the waist! *doing a happy dance* More measurements tomorrow when I start Phase 2.

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Back to the Healthiness!

So here’s what I’ve been up to since my surgery: sitting on the couch, resting, eating, resting, more eating, more sitting, more resting.I’ve gained back all the weight I lost in the fall and then some.

Sunday I bought the book The 20/20 Diet by Dr. Phil. The book is chock full of information on getting down to the why’s behind why you eat and exercise the way you do…and why it’s all not working for you. There’s a diet and exercise plan to follow. The meals seem super easy to make and don’t require too many weird ingredients (though I haven’t found rye pasta yet in a real store). The exercise plan is similar to what we do at Curves to keep our heart rate up in between using the machines for resistance training, so that’s all good to.

Yesterday I started the food plan. The first five days you have a combination of just 20 ingredients for foods. It’s to help you get past the sugar and carbs cravings, it says. I ate pretty well yesterday. You eat every four hours and I only started getting munchy the last 30 minutes or so until my next meal. If you eat slowly and pay attention to the food, it goes really well. I had one meal that I ate too fast and that’s where I got the hungriest in between.

I woke up today and felt pretty good. Starving beyond words, but not weak or headachy like I thought I might have been (there’s very little caffeine in this plan). I had my breakfast and went off to the gym for the first time in over 6 weeks. It went pretty well, but I was shaky before Zumba started, so I didn’t stay for that this time. I’m hoping to stay for it on Thursday. (My gym has changed hours, though, and I’ll no longer be able to work out on Wednesdays. 😦 )

Anyway, I’m excited to get back in the swing of things again. I think this will be good for me. Most of the foods on the diet are things I like, or at least don’t hate. The exercise plan is close to what I’m already planning to do. I won’t say it will be easy, but it is looking like something I can follow through with.