I cannot keep up!

Hello friends,

Things have been so very busy lately. I took on a few too many projects and the blog has suffered in the meantime. Here are some things I’ve been up to:

  • The BYOB class, which turned more into just daily writing about my feelings about the whole process about being in foster care as an infant, then adopted into a family, growing up adopted, and finding my birthfamily. It sort of segued into the next one….
  • …an ongoing online class/workshop covering Julia Cameron’s book Vein of Gold, which involves a huge amount of daily freewriting, walking plan, writing prompts, and also many craft projects. It’s a lot of writing about your childhood and your secret selves. I will be doing some back-posting of bits from that soon. (I started posts and didn’t finish them because I was waiting on photos to appear from my phone. The story of my life.)
  • Teaching writing lessons for the Tyler Public Library’s Writers Group about once a month. There are four of us rotating through this, so sometimes it is just once a month, sometimes twice. If you’d like a link to our Facebook group, drop me a comment and I’ll send it to you.
  • Taking a bit of writing coaching with Cat Rambo, the former SFWA president. She’s fantastic, y’all! I highly recommend talking with her.
  • Teaching my kids at home during their distance learning for school. This is far more time consuming than I thought it would be and my kids still are not doing as well at it as I hoped they would. Some teachers are doing a great job putting up videos and lessons, but some just post nothing but assignments and those are the classes that I end up just teaching my kids what I know, which is not always the best answer, as math was never my strong suit.
  • Taking a weekly Spiritual Practices class, which has been a life-raft of sorts for me. I love my little church group — I’m also in a monthly book club with some of them. This class has also had homework, writing, and walking mediations to do each week.
  • Wednesday Whatchamacallit with Nikki Brown and Annie O, which has been a great mid-week face to face (albeit online) group that just lets you share your writing ups and downs for the week and has a little lesson about writing.
  • Pineywoods Critique Group, my Friday group with local writers that meets on Zoom weekly for critiques.
  • I started crocheting a new fall themed blanket called Spice of Life to keep my hands busy while thinking about things.
  • Personal life stuff that isn’t yet ready for sharing. Let’s just say that some big news will be coming soon.

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