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Low Energy Chore list

Things you can do when you don’t have a lot of energy, but do have some time you need to get work done during:

Organize digital stuff.
Tag old photos, or make albums.
Organize your printed recipes.

Write draft replies for unanswered emails.
Create to-do lists per life/work/cleaning category.
Do short-medium-long term planning.
Work on time-consuming important, yet not urgent projects.

Make an inspiration board for the future – shopping lists, lists of movies to watch, books to read, places to visit.
Make a list of friends + plan when to call/interact with each one.
Crochet or cross stitch something small, yet meaningful.

Inventory stuff you have at home and/or plan on how to reorganize it.
Update your resume or explore jobs.
Do inventory of your health issues and make notes for future appointments.

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A View From Here

Peaches lie all over the ground, tossed down yellow,
too early, by this morning’s storm. Bahia grass shushes the singing birds,
heads held high despite the damp. Melancholy swims up
and over me and clings as snug as the humidity.

The old neighbor appears, their new fence recently painted,
which clashes with their pile of old slate landscaping stones,
ivy springing eternally around everything in sight.

More peaches fall
and hit the rotting stump of the once towering
loblolly pine. Only one of the original five still guards the threshold separating
their wet grass from mine, but he’s not lonely. The gray squirrels
still swing from his branches and little finches nest in his crevices.

The Tuesday sound of lawn care services
blowing leaves from yard to yard interrupts
the hum of traffic as it crushes past too fast
on its way to the college down the road.
The harsh machine noise echoes through the trees
And sends our animal friends scurrying.

I yearn for neighbor’s past who cared
for the yards themselves, sweating
in the sunlight while joking about my use
of yellow fabric shears while I knelt weeding at the curb.

Their azaleas that smelled so heavenly
the day we moved in, now lost to occupants
who replaced them with easily maintained gravel,
which smells of guano from the bats.
Next I imagine they’ll try to replace the bats, to the delight
of the ever present mosquitos.

I smell damp earth and the light, sweet smell of the peaches.
A sociable squirrel we’ve named Randy
chitters at me through the screen,
daring me to keep him from his fruity treasure. A cardinal
stops to argue with him and he runs elsewhere
like always.

A copy of this poem also appears here, as part of a padlet of coursework from a writing class I’m taking.

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My Daily Schedule as a Writer with Chronic Illnesses

I have a lot of chronic pain related illnesses, as well as a disconnect between my brain and my heart. I work from home, with a husband that works elsewhere and 2 kids and 2 cats in and out. It was hard to find friends in this city at first, but I eventually found some. I still don’t see the friends that often because we all work and have young teenagers that we are still driving around.

A typical work week day looks like this:
5:30-7:30 am get up, dressed, stretch/yoga, and make breakfast for self and kids
7:30-8 drop off kids
8am back from dropping kids at school, study a bit for lessons I teach other days
8:30-10:00 work
10-10:30 break for accountability time with another work from home friend
10:30-12 more work
12-1 husband comes home for lunch and we eat leftovers together
1-2:30more work/teaching
2:30-4 workout at gym, shower, change clothes
4-4:30 pick up kids
4:30-5 collapse in a heap or run errands
5-6 prep for evening meetings
6-8 some nights meetings, some nights house cleaning, dinner usually at 7pm regardless (husband cooks)
8-10 TV or movie or reading
10p-6a sleep, hopefully

6am get up, stretch/yoga, drink tea, read silly things to spouse off the internet
8am start breakfast
9am wake kids, eat breakfast
10am clean kitchen, get showered & dressed
11am church (Sundays) or reading/crafting time (Saturday)
Noon light lunch(usually leftovers)
1-3 board games or other fun with kids or shopping
3-5 writing or laundry
5-7 hang out in kitchen with spouse while he cooks (I usually help)
7 dinner
8-10 TV or movie or reading
10p-6a sleep, hopefully

Once a week activities:
Lunch with friend*
Coffeehouse Work time with co-worker*
Writer’s Guild
Author’s Greenhouse
Critique Group
Spiritual Discussions class
Fun afternoon with kids*
Once a month activities
Girls Night Out*
Date Night*
Board Game afternoon with friends*
Visit Dad/Be visited by Dad
Dinner with in-laws *

*not since Covid-19