Dear brain,

Dear brain, When I told you I wanted to dream about my writing, I was not asking you to send me a whole other story to write; I wanted help with what I'm currently working in. No love, Me

Living in the backyard

This morning Greg and I were snuggling on the couch and he tells me "I'm going to go live in the backyard soon." Which was totally unrelated to our conversation. I was puzzled, too, because it is winter and not really the best time of year to be in the elements. I asked him how … Continue reading Living in the backyard

A dog’s life is never dull

Rose is addicted to Greg's green Monster's Inc. socks. Just like a kid with a thousand toys, she carries ordinary things around and tries to play with them.

David funny

I couldn't find my other shoe this morning (of any pair -- Rose keeps running off with them) and it's too cold for bare feet. David shouts to me from the other room "You only need one shoe to put the pedal to the metal, Mom!"

My kids crack me up.

I was talking about one of my Christmas presents, a writer's toolbox, and telling them that we'd play with it later. Two kids were interested in doing it while the third said "I have a great idea! You write the stories and I will sell them for you!"

Ben is Adorable

I frequently forget to post adorably weird things about Ben. He is fabulously weird. Case in point: I walked into the living room this morning and he was having a conversation with the dog about parrots. "How do people live with them? What if they landed on your head claws out?! There'd be blood everywhere! … Continue reading Ben is Adorable

Doctor Who is Fantastic!

For a lovely, wonderful three-hour block today, my sister and kids and I watched Doctor Who. It was beautiful. Since she left it's been nothing but soap operas. Apparently my mom only tolerates Doctor Who for my sister.

Thanksgiving, recapped

Did I mention that I had the WHOLE UNIVERSE here at my house for Thanksgiving?  Well I did. Just about a week ago (late Thanksgiving is SO weird) I had my family, Nick's family, and Kay's family here for Thanksgiving. It was quite busy and full of fun, game playing, eating, and togetherness. 🙂