I walked in and…

I walked in and Mom said ” Rose is ignoring me.” And I was like “Since when does Rose have horns?” Mom was like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?!” 

This is a story from Ben. He’s been begging me to post it because he finds it super funny. 🙂


Ode to A New Toy

Out of the box
shiny and new
You have a certain smell
that jars my nose
and makes my brain happy.

You are heavily lightweight.
Your instructions written
by a person with little grasp
of the language required.

I look for a power cord,
a place to put one —
any hole, really, will do.
You are flawlessly

Confronted by the fact
that perhaps
you were mailed with
not your own:

Oh, new toy. How you

But wait–
A child comes.
Takes one look and utters the magic phrase:


Oddly Good

The phrase of the day is “oddly good.” I used it in reference to a weird apple fritter donut, but my family has taken it up as their own. So MANY things can be oddly good.