Iheartorganizing April Challenge: Week 1: Entry & Living Room

I’m following along with Iheartorganizing’s challenge to purge 30 items in thirty days. Jen urged us to start in our entry way & living room the first week and purge just 7 items in the first seven days. Well, I got excited. Love a little challenge. I got up to seven items in the entry way really fast, so I bundled a group of lost mittens together into a hat to count as one item, then left the rest of the stuff there as individual items.

Here’s some stuff I purged:

The hat full o’ mittens:

A pink fluffy wrap I wore once seven years ago:

The itty-bitty Alabama backpack none of the kids took to:

The plastic bag carrier some well meaning person bought me:

…and finally a broken wind scroll, a well-used box that’s broken inside, a pretty old tea tin, and a floppy hat no one wears:

Now on to the kitchen! 🙂

(ETA: I can’t get the photos to work today, so I’m putting links and leaving it be as I am running out the door right now)