2013-11-23 18.51.09

We’re Doctor Who fiends at my house. The 50th Anniversary of the show occurred the weekend before Thanksgiving and we just had to have a party for it. I searched the web high and low for all the best ideas (marshmallow Adipose? Check! Sonic Screwdriver craft? Check! Pin the Face on the fleshy chick? Check!) and invited all our fannish friends.

Sadly, no one could come. They were all traveling for Thanksgiving or preparing to have loads of people come to them. So we had my parents over, decided to postpone the watching of the 50th episode, and chose a kid friendly episode to use as the party went on. We still had all the treats (fish fingers and custard, Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey Punch, Jammy Dodgers, etc) and the games and had a great evening. 🙂