…and then chaos ensued.

That seems to be the end of every sentence in my world lately. “My parents came to town…”  “We checked the mail and there were more Pokemon cards…” “Your aunt and uncle called and they are coming to visit next week…” “The computer says the hard drive is failing…” “Hey, let’s get a better printer for the Tyler house…”


So there’s been attempted computer repair, setting up a new computer and printer and installing all the new software and explaining how all that works to my dad (a process which will be ongoing for the next couple months despite me installing & tweaking things that make Windows 8 feel more like Windows 7), frantic cleaning, the reorganizing of ALL THE POKEMON CARDS.  


Nick sat the kids down last night and asked them to bathe and put themselves into bed without bothering me or I might explode and kill all the people.  Umm, yeah. So they did. Quietly, quickly, without drama. All while I holed up in my bedroom and drank soothing beverages and ate British chocolate and reread one of my favorite novels (84 Charing Cross Road – if you haven’t read it yet and you love books and reading, GET THEE TO A BOOKSTORE!!!). It was soul and sanity saving, to say the least. (And where did the spouse go? To hang out with my dad. hahaha.)


This morning one of my most soothing friends and her children came over for coffee and snacks and playtime. It was loveliness. Just what I needed in my week. 


After that, we went to my parents house and ate chili cheese dogs I bought us all from Sonic (there was a sale!). The children are STILL at my parents house right now. The Pokemon reorganization can’t be picked up and moved back and forth at this fragile stage of the process, so I left them there and told my parents to kick them out when they got tired of children/cards/the dog underfoot. My house is cool and quiet and I might just go back to reading my book now instead of folding the laundry…you just never know…it could happen…