I got a lot done yesterday, considering that I was supposed to be resting. 🙂 At the moment, though, I can’t quite remember what it was that I did.

The apartment is officially a mess. I think anyone would agree with me on that point at the moment. I mean, yes, the floor has recently been vacuumed, and yes everything’s been dusted this week, but there’s a lot of crap lying around. *sigh* I need to clean.

Went back to SuperTarget this morning. Bought two more of the place mats that Nick mysteriously liked…and got napkins and napkin rings to match. I also got some Xmas ornaments that fit the size of tree we have this year (which is small–and our previous ornaments are large) and a desk organizer that I prolly don’t really need but was cute and cheap. 🙂

David is playing with the remote control again. We’re watching the Jenny Jones show. How nice. Oooh…he found the power button again and now it’s off. YAY!

David’s been interesting lately. He initiated a game of peek-a-boo yesterday when he got tired of me playing with fabric. It was very cute. This morning he -almost- crawled to get my cell phone (which he wanted to eat, of course). 🙂 EEEEEE.