Halloween 2019

Our Halloween… over at my parents house on Woodhaven, of course. 🙂 We had a pretty good turnout, but still had one whole bag of candy leftover at the end of the night. We watched HalloweenTown, but not HocusPocus because my children have decided to rebel and say they “hate” HocusPocus. Ah well, at least we had the traditional Taco Soup.

Nurturing Oneself

I had an early brunch with a dear, dear friend of mine this morning. As we sat in her sweet little breakfast nook with tea, boiled eggs, and stollen, we chatted about how the year was going and she asked me what I was doing to nurture myself. Honestly y’all, I babbled out an answer full of things that made her go “THAT’S what you find nourishing?” Things like scheduling things, making sure everything had a task associated with it, being better organized, etc. She expressed a bit of doubt with my methods, but being the gracious hostess she is, she just let it go and the topic moved onward.

I got home a while later and really started thinking about it. I am not really a planner. Oh, I try and try to be, but in the end every plan lasts a few days and then I scrap it. So I spent some time just meditating on the idea of nurture and what it meant to me.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Nurturing me means extra time around everything so I can digest experiences. Yes, that means a bit of planning, but it is soooo good to have time around things and not just be chock-a-block busy.
  2. Nurturing me also means time for music, which I have not been making. The words “I haven’t played the piano since I got these progressive lenses” slipped out of my mouth and now that I’ve ruminated on it, I got the glasses in January (9 months ago) and haven’t really touched the piano since my mom died.  Hmmm….
  3. Nurturing me means time to read. I have “Time to Read” in my Habit Tracker, but how much have I really been reading? None. Like one day a week, which is very close to none for a Lisa.
  4. Nurturing me also means eating foods I actually like. My husband is very good about cooking dinner, but he is very bad about making food that I really am fond of. Part of that is that the kids hate everything and part of that is that we really, Nick and I, have a totally different palate. I’ve been cooking my own lunches this week and eating all the things I love, like mushrooms and onions and zucchini and sweet potatoes and cabbage, and have been so happy at lunch time!

Anyways, that’s what’s on my mind today. Time to go eat the mushroom/onion/zucchini/feta dish that’s been sauteing while I type. 🙂  Hope y’all have a good afternoon!

Board Game Day!

We had a delightful board game day today! Lots of people showed up, dragons were played with by a small girl in a hippo mask, a choose your own adventure game was acted out, we found out that several of us are absolutely terrible at charades, and lots of food was eaten. 🙂 thanks to everyone who came!!

Afternoon house adventure

Came home to a gas leak at our house. But David got me chocolate, so I sat in the front yard eating Dove minis while waiting for the gas company. Fortunately it was breezy, yet not rainy. The guy showed up, walked inside, and immediately told me it was not the gas line. He did follow up and check everything, just in case, but told me it was the sewer line. Also, in the process, he told me my hot water heater was leaking and that it wasn’t even turned on, which explains the weeks of cold showers we’d been having. I tried calling the sewer people, but they did not answer, it being after 5pm already. Fortunately, the gas guy hadn’t left yet. He had the number for the emergency line, which also didn’t answer. So he called a guy “who knew a guy” and eventually the sewer people sent someone. Of course he wasn’t the right someone, either. This one called his supervisor, who sent someone else. Meanwhile Nick came home. Nick and the new person toured the house, they ran a snake down a drain, and told us that our line is the last one on the line from the sewer, and when it backs up, it backs up into our line, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Yay? So much time and energy for nothing done.

Pumpkin Shaped Waffles!

Our Secret Somebody sent us another gift in the mail. Nick looked at it and said “We don’t need another waffle maker. What are we going to do with it; it’s so small.” This was my response. (Two kids have already been through and eaten the other 2/3 of the pile)D8674D7E-4932-4C8A-ACF2-1A1EF84DDC56

This week has gone well

Since I cut back on social media and kids have gone back to school, I have read two books (one of them my nearly complete novel), made notes on what needs to be finished in said novel, started and nearly finished this weeks work on a mystery cross stitching project that involves new kinds of stitches and blends, and gone shopping three times for more school supplies and floss. Oh, and attended a brunch, started using a new-to-me online writing group app, and not gone hyperactive with my blood pressure like I have the last several years this time of year. Wahoo me! 🙂 (Also I have drank A LOT of tea. A LOT.)

Mystery Boxes

So the other day another mystery box arrived. This one contained tea. I feel like I should shout that because it was like a 50 pack assortment of Twinings. Once again, don’t know who sent it, but am thoroughly delighted. Immediately separated it into “Have Tried Before” (right side of box) and “Have Not Tried Before” (left side of box) Categories. Kids and spouse are being allowed to drink from the former, but the latter are ALL MINE! I’m keeping a tally of the new ones and if I liked, felt eh about, or did not like. This is fun!C42A7159-9545-4C43-B649-1011E485215F

Too busy not to post

…or something like that…

Life moves very quickly. I don’t remember my last post, but I think it was before we left for the feast. We came home, washed clothes, and Nick was off again to the UK. So I’ve been being mama and daddy to my kiddos and trying to keep up.

I haven’t been reading books lately. There’s no time for that. But I have been reading articles interesting to me.  Some quotes I love from them….

  1. When we hold on to stuff just in case we might need it someday, we not only clutter our space, but also buy into poverty consciousness. Holding on to things we don’t use, or things that don’t work, reinforces the belief that we’re not capable to replace, borrow, or rent what we need when we need it.
  2. “I let go of my harmful habits, clearly seeing how they were forms of violence towards myself.”
  3. What I am recommending is traditionally called “finding yourself.” The difference is, there is no bohemian excess here, none of the “experiencing everything” that comprises nostalgiade la boue. It’s productive, constructive goofing-off.
  4. When you examine your procrastination, you get clear. You’re less reactive and more informed.

Since Nick’s been away, I’ve been cooking more, too.

Long Time, No See

I know, I’ve been gone forever. Well, there is a very long list in my head right now about things that are super aggravating me and that is one of them. Here are a few so I can feel like I have vented and can get on with my day:

  1. Fundraisers – I know, I know, I’m on the committees and I know all about the budgets and where the money goes and why we need it right now just after all the school supplies were bought, but that doesn’t mean I am any happier about it than the rest of you. I really, really hate fundraising to the very core of my being. I wish we all had all the money we needed to do all the things that need being done.
  2. All the stupid reminder apps I need to download to keep in touch with kids schools and extracurriculars. Dude, I am so happy you want to keep in contact with us, but can we just agree as a whole town or state to use this one thing and be done with it? I have two for Greg, three for Ben, and two for David. Plus Evite and FB Events and PTAvenue and WordPress and and and. MY PHONE IS FULL, people. Either the state or local government needs to start paying for more storage for our phones or stop using these things. Remember paper? I like paper. Paper is good. I can set it on fire when I get tired of it. I CANNOT SET MY PHONE ON FIRE. It’s very toxic.
  3. Schedules: I just want the school schedules to get along. I want to drop my kids off youngest to eldest and pick up that way and I want to be able to have time to drive to one school and get in the pick-up line in a decent place at the next school without someone running me over or giving me death looks every day. I also want the elementary programs not to overlap the middle school or the high school and all that vice versa. I don’t want to figure out how I am going to chaperone a high school football game for band and a dance for the middle school at the same time or how to pick my kid up from band, take him to scouts (which he’s late for because it runs the same time as band, which makes no sense because scouts are usually band kids), and attend a school board meeting all at once (which, seriously, all the scouts meet on Monday night and scout parents are usually the kind of parents you want at your school board meeting.). Also, money pick-ups for schools: If I am dropping off and picking up all my kids at the same time as the schools want me to be picking up money brought to them by said children for PTA stuff, how am I supposed to be picking up and dropping off my kids? I literally literally cannot be in that many places at once. Do you see why I am insane?
  4. Ok, I think I’m done. I mean, I have more, but my brain feels a little calmer now and the ringing in my ears and the tightening of the vice grip of anxiety has lessened to a point where I might be able to get on with my day now. Thanks for “listening” people. I love you. 🙂

Rear Window, y’all

Once upon a time, oh, maybe 3 neighbors ago, there were beautiful palm trees planted in the neighbors backyard along the back fence. They were lovingly wrapped up several winters in a row, until the neighbor before this one let them die of neglect.

The latest neighbor, faced with dead palm trees, has decided to use a 4-wheeler to remove them. For the first part of this process, he drove into the stumps repeatedly, bashing the poor stumps over and over. Then he moved on to a new plan of action and tried tying a rope to them and then driving back and forth to pull the stumps out. The rope eventually snapped.

Now after a long period of quietude where I thought about checking that he was still alive, he’s gotten a chain out and is trying tactic #2 again. It’s a very noisy process and I’m worried that he and the 4-wheeler might end up in the pool. So I’m staying right here by the window, phone in hand, hoping he doesn’t drown or come crashing through the fence.