New Writing Planner

I always intend to blog more than I end up doing. I type up my morning pages and then think "I'll add to these and make a blog post." And then I end up dumping the info into a post and don't edit it or hit publish until a couple weeks or month or so … Continue reading New Writing Planner

From Twitter 11-13-2010

10:18 pm: Had a joint whiskey/beer/wine tasting with parents that went very well. 🙂 must sleep now.# 11:19 pm: Apparently David & I had too much caffiene. Watching Suite Life & eating biscotti. Can't sleep. # From Twitter.

From Twitter: 11-12-2010

9:47am: Computer still weird, but it's letting us use it now. Yay! Have spent last three days organizing & rearranging house. Loving the new layout.# From Twitter.

From Twitter: 11-10-2010

9:19am: Yesterday was Ben's birthday and the sweet kid didn't want a present for himself, he wanted cake for his classmates! So I made cupcakes. :)# From Twitter.

From Twitter: 11-09-2010

07:51 am: Our computer has gone mysteriously caput. I'm once again frantically scraping together backups & trying not to swear. *sigh*# From Twitter

From Twitter: 11-06-2010

9:06pm: Really love the movie "Young Sherlock Holmes." One of my favorites since childhood. Now know where background music of my brain comes from.# From Twitter.

From Twitter: 11-04-2010

10:24am: Day 4 of Nanowrimo. Woke up hating my story & everything in it. Spent morning trying to rework the best bits into something not dreadful. # 1:36pm: I was just too achy today, so allowed myself to write the fun stuff to make up for lack of wordiness this morning. # From Twitter

From Twitter: 11-02-2010

6:26 am: Went to the Nanowrimo kick-off last night, met some great people, wrote another 1700 words, then got up this morning and wrote 1700 more. 🙂 # 11:41 am: Why do I have so many storage containers all over the house? Becoming a serious problem. Tomorrow there will be much recycling. Oh yes. # … Continue reading From Twitter: 11-02-2010

From Twitter: 10-30-2010

11:20 am: Spent yesterday making decks of Phylomon cards for Nick & the kids (& an extra deck just in case someone else wants to play). So far: fun! From Twitter.