Book Making Weekend

One of my best friends and I made books this weekend. She took a four-day workshop on it and graciously offered to have me down for the weekend and teach me her new skills. I forgot to take a picture of the book press, which is large, red, and dusty from having sat in someone’s workshop area for years.

Things I learned:

1. Glue is the foundation of all books. That and more glue. With some glue here and glue there. Also some paper.

Photo of a workspace that includes a teal cutting mat which has cut paper and a rectangle of cardstock on top, a wooden 12-inch ruler, a black Sharpie marker, an awl, a white plastic storage container, a box containing a brayer, a bottle of fancy white glue, a yogurt cup containing glue and a a foam paintbrush covered in glue at the tip, a blue bowl with a wet, blue paper towel wadded up inside of it, a pair of green-handled scissors, a red stool, another work area across the table from the main work area (but without the teal mat), and front-and-center a hand which is coated in glue holding a cardstock spine that is also coated in glue. So much glue.

2. I cannot cut the cardstock. Not at all. My friend ended up cutting it all. BUT she has a Cricut and we’re going to cut down some of her huge cardstock sheets to run them through the machine later. I folded all the paper in half, though.

3. Stabbing little holes in paper is fun! So much fun!

4. Sometimes you forget how many holes to make, so you have to improvise. We accidentally put in 5, but you need an even number in this style of book binding, so we put in another one at the bottom. We used variegated thread for our inner binding, which made it super festive.

5. Beeswax smells just like when you smush your face really deep into your cat and then try to breathe, but without all the fur up your nose.

6. There is no 6. 7. Waxing thread is also addictive. I don’t know why.

8. Sometimes you have the wrong sized paper for your interior. So then you need to cut it, but it is hard to do without the guillotine. You may try many things, like sanding the paper, cutting it with box cutters, or even using the dremel wood cutters. They will not work. They will also make the house smell weirdly burnt. Then you will go out to Wal-Mart really late at night and buy a guillotine. They are CHEAP. Start with that last step.

10. Bookbinding has a lot of waiting time while the press does its work. We watched irreverent feminist comedy specials on Netflix while we waited. You can watch whatever you want. 🙂

11. When putting the endpapers in, use the tiniest line of glue. We thought we had. We were wrong. Also, don’t use thin paper for the endpaper. Mine was a little too translucent. Steph’s was fine (a nice sage green, not pictured.)

12. Make a feature of a little error. My error was cutting the paper too close to a little signature spot on the paper. I ended up putting it on the front, where it looks like a cute little frill. We also learned that if you don’t like one side of your book, flip it the other way and make the back the front (my blue was crooked on one side. This side is much better.)

We had such a fun time making these little darlings! 🙂 12/10 would do it again.

Homecoming for the non-conformists

My eldest kid surprised me last night with a request for a homecoming mum for his girl. LAST NIGHT. After three weeks of me saying “Are you sure you’re not going to change your mind?” They did and they didn’t. They still aren’t going to the dance, but they are going to go out and he requires a mum for this process.

First I was flabbergasted.  Then I flippantly said at this rate all that would be left was Halloween ribbons and I could make a Harry Potter mum. His date loved the idea.
This morning I spent an hour and a half and $119 and now we have supplies to make our own mum. For $60 I could have purchased a pre-made one, but this one is half-school spirit, half Harry Potter so it’ll be better. Also, it will be bonding for David and I and that’s priceless, right? As a bonus, I can hot glue him to something when he pisses me off.
There was an owl selection process. 

After multiple texts, we chose the one on the front right because it had feet and did not have a stick up its butt to deal with.

Some of the rest of the supplies. Oh, and a Bible. Cause I’ll need it after dealing with a kid and a hot glue gun for hours later.
Wish us luck!

Now with Bonus Content!

I’m feeling list-y at the moment.  Some things I’ve done/am doing lately:

  • Finished the CD uploads to iTunes.  Put the CD’s in boxes.  Put the boxes in the garage. Nick is taking one to his mom and I’m taking the other to Goodwill.  Then I put all the little games into the newly emptied drawers and I’m not tripping over them any more.  Yay!
  • Finished reading the Albert Campion series and the extra short story books.  Now am looking for new things to read.  Nothing seems good enough.
  • Listening to The Dead Tossed Waves while I’m at the gym on the recumbent exercise bike.  I figured this would keep me going to the gym, but I am finding the narrator so annoying that I skipped a couple of gym days last week.  I’d borrow another audio book, but I’m awaiting email from the library telling me what’s gone wrong with my digital account that it tells me I’m no longer entitled to check-outs.  Oh well.  Back to the gym I go.  Must get in shape so I don’t die walking everywhere in Ireland in July.
  • Trying to put together my PTA board for next year.  Yes, I got talked into being President.  You may laugh now.  Only two people showed up to the meeting and one decided not to join us.  Yay.  I’m trying to be all Bright Side about it; we’ll have a kick-ass Parliamentarian. 🙂
  • Bought new pretty things for my backyard with money from sale of backyard things we no longer used: a new table umbrella, some pretty chimes, a cushion for my bench, pillows for the bench, vinyl tablecloths for the tables.  Also pretty things for the front yard: 3 spinny-flower-things and a set of tiny chimes and a new bright red watering-can.
  • Greg bought seeds, potting soil, tiny plastic pots, and some tiny fences and started planting a garden.  We need to transplant those little plants today.  Must Not Forget!!
  • We also put a bunch of those seeds in the front garden, but I can’t tell the little flowers from weeds at this point and don’t know what to pull up and what to leave.  We did a variety pack and I have no idea what those flowers look like as babies.
  • I worked at the kids old MDO last week.  Super fun!  Love being with the little kids.  Getting money is just bonus!
  • I’ve been watching the last season of Doctor Who over again as I fold laundry the last week or so.  Whee!
  • We did another Spring Recital at church. Nick MC’d, his mom and Ben and David all performed, and I made the programs and decided the playing order.  It went really well. 🙂  Ben played two beautiful piano pieces.  David played one march-type piano piece and another march-style trumpet piece.  They both did really well.
  • We also did a clothing exchange at church.  I gave away a couple of bags of our clothes and got more than a couple of bags of clothes back.  I’m passing some on to my sister-in-law who is similarly sized, but has different tastes in clothes than I do (colored pants freak me out and she seems to love them).  I also got a bunch of shoes!  Little cute flat shoes!  And one pair of platform sandals that are evenly platformed, if you know what I mean.  No slope.  I can wear them, look taller, and not fall.  Must find more of these kind of shoes.
  • Now I’m washing all these new-to-me clothes and watching videos on how to tailor some of them to fit me better.  I’ve never done that before.  Should be interesting.  If I’m not working tomorrow, it will be sewing day!  I haven’t been crafty in more than a week now, so it’s definitely time!
  • Photos will appear in the sidebar at some point today or tomorrow.  Apparently I haven’t updated them since February?!  Aie!

There we go: content unlocked.  🙂


Create more

I’m finally getting around to the “Create more” portion of “Pin-free February!”

The first thing I’m trying to “create more” of is less chaos.  🙂  I know that sounds weird, but that’s the first thing on my list.  So I’ve been emptying bins around the house and making sure that they are filled with what they’re supposed to be filled with and then I’m labeling them.  I’ve also got a few new/new-to-this use bins and have been putting them into use.

New baskets for hats in the hall closet
New baskets for hats in the hall closet

Newly labeled (but definitely not new) bins in the hallway closet.
Newly labeled (but definitely not new) bins in the hallway closet.

Reorganized & labeled kitchen drawers.  I'm trying to teach the kids to be a bit more independent when emptying the dishwasher.
Reorganized & labeled kitchen drawers. I’m trying to teach the kids to be a bit more independent when emptying the dishwasher.

Kids bathroom drawer: now organized & with labels!  (that black tray came from today's kids meal - saving money FTW!)
Speaking of kids independence: kids bathroom drawer: now organized & with labels! (that black tray came from today’s kids meal – saving money FTW!)

I’m also trying to create more beauty in my house.

I bought a cheap garland at the dollar store and prettied it up with some extra fake flowers I had lying around.  I looks a lot nicer in person, actually.
I bought a cheap garland at the dollar store and prettied it up with some extra fake flowers I had lying around. I looks a lot nicer in person, actually.

Prettying up my laundry room shelf - I think I'm finally going to repaint it once the rain goes away.
Prettying up my laundry room shelf – I think I’m finally going to repaint it once the rain goes away.


I spray painted the shelf and the picture frame (using a pinterest method that failed). and tried to decorate the other frame as well.
I spray painted the shelf pink, which is not a color you will really find a lot of in the house, and the picture frame I tried using a pinterest method that failed and I tried to decorate the other frame using a different pinterest method as well.

Combo: I spraypainted my  red key holder to match the shelf and run and I also labeled the hooks once again.  That empty space is awaiting a spraypainted basket.  :) I wanted to make it green but I didn't have the right shade so I once I realized it looked bad I decided not to hang it up until I got the color right.
Combo: I spray painted my red key holder to match the shelf and run and I also labeled the hooks once again. That space is awaiting a spray painted basket. 🙂 I wanted to make it green but I didn’t have the right shade so I once I realized it looked bad I decided not to hang it up until I got the color right.

My new laundry room rug - see how it picks up the colors from the fairies & art on the shelf?
My new laundry room rug – see how it picks up the colors from the fairies & art on the shelf now? YAY!  🙂

It’s been….TWO WEEKS!

Now I have that song stuck in my head.

*goes around dancing and singing for a while*


Ok, I’m back now. Oh, it has been so crazy around here. The last time I posted I thought I was on my way to work, but NO, I had a small child feeling all explody in the belly, so we stayed home and snuggled and did laundry, which was good because it was really the last time I did a whole lot of laundry at once and we are now starting to feel that lack.

So the day after that was Teacher Appreciation. We had soup catered, but we had to set up and make and put out desserts and make the room pretty and keep the food going. It went really well, but it felt like a super long day.

We love our faculty & staff!  :)
We love our faculty & staff! 🙂

The next night we had an early Valentine’s Day celebration with my family at their house here in town. Greg spent the night there, which he has longed to do for months and months now.

Early Valentine's Dinner with my family
Early Valentine’s Dinner with my family

Saturday we spent time gaming with my parents (yay Carcassone!) and then went off to church. We ended up having our Pre-teen meeting twice since only a few people showed up at the time we’d intended to do it and then the rest showed up later and were miffed that we hadn’t waited for them so we did it all over again. We stayed late for Open Gym Night and the kids ran around like mad things while Nick and I taught a new guy how to play Settlers of Catan.

Gaga Ball has nothing to do with Lady Gaga, I promise. One of the church elders taught it to the kids, having learnt it at another location. The kids LOVE it!

I totally can’t remember Sunday at all. I think we hung out with my parents, then cleaned house. Whee!

Mrs. A. put together a whole crime scene for the kids to explore bits from. It was very educational.

Monday was the start of Book Fair Week, which is extra crazy here. I spent the day at home resting up for the craziness to follow, then after school we went down to the library to participate in a Crime Scene Investigation with one of the teachers. It was super fun!

Tuesday I spent finishing up projects and then went up to set up for the school’s Fine Arts Night. PTA was serving a BBQ dinner and the book fair moved into the cafeteria for the night while the kids had all sorts of performances and things to do.

There was a segment in another room as well, but it was in the dark doing static experiments.

Wednesday I volunteered down in the book fair for 4 hours. I love talking to kids about books and helping them out. I went straight from there to the middle school to help work FLEX day. Wednesday after school was Mad Science with the Mysterious Master Morrow. That was a lot of fun, too!

Thursday I spent another 4 hours in the library helping with book fair, then headed off for a doctor’s appointment and to deliver Valentine’s to a few friends. I had an adventure with the van not starting and my friend E rescuing me. Later, the younger kids had ALL THE CANDY after school, but we managed to share some with David as well. Nick made me special Fried Pickles for dinner.

We started our day with cards and heart shaped French toast.  :)
We started our day with cards and heart-shaped French toast. 🙂

Friday morning we got up and got ready for the Storybook Character Parade. I’d missed the note that came home saying the kindergarteners were not participating, so Greg was the only one that walked in the parade.

Greg went as Bob the Builder and Ben went as Jack from Magic Treehouse
Greg went as Bob the Builder and Ben went as Jack from Magic Treehouse. Most of the rest of the kids went as Nerds.

After the parade was over, I headed downstairs to kindergarten, then onto the bus to chaperon their trip to the planetarium. We had a good time there. Well, most of us. I sat next to a kid who really thought the sun was going to burn him & started freaking out.

The museum had an exhibit on bivalves, a bone statue of the smallest T-Rex ever, a giant 3000 year old Mayan mask, and a bunch of blocks leftover from an Egyptian exhibit. It was quite trippy.

 We also got to tour the museum and see a real moon rock.

Friday was also the start of the church’s regional weekend. There was a hymn sign that Nick and the kids went to. I was exhausted, so I spent the evening blissfully alone.

Saturday we had church early and our choir sang “Down By The River To Pray.” I think we did pretty well. Then there was a potluck. Nick taught Sabbath school while I helped the kids find verses. Then I led the kids in crafts while Nick helped. That night there was more dinner and then a variety show and dancing. I danced up a storm with my little nieces. 🙂 I hope someone posts photos later!

On Sunday there were sports for teens and adults. Nick lead the pre-teens in sports while I lead the ones that didn’t want to play in craft time. It was a really good weekend, but oh so busy!

These are all the photos I took this weekend. Yes: ALL. *sigh*


Stop Pinning, Start Creating!

My friend Godiva and I are participating in Pin -Free February this month. We’re each doing it differently, though. She’s not going to Pinterest at all, but is still pinning things from her Pin It button. I, on the other hand, am not pinning new things, but am going to my own boards in Pinterest and am either reading-and-deleting pins or making-then-moving-them-to-finished. Some people are going all out and just eschewing the site altogether. Ha!

This morning I made two things from quotes I’d liked on Pinterest. One was this one:


…(I don’t know if you can read it. It says: “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”. -Audrey Hepburn). which lives on my front patio, and then inspired me to tidy my front patio area. (I want to get some flowers out there and for it to be sunnier before my big reveal.)

Then I made this sign for my dining room, using the frame that matches the outdoor one, but had no glass. I also used bits of paper from Matt & Heather’s wedding favors.


After that I ran off for my infusion & I wrote out some cards that are waaaaay past due, then read-and-deleted for an hour. Deleting pins is even more fun than pinning them! Who knew?!

So what craftiness are you getting up to this month?

Pinterest Addiction

I fully admit to it: I am addicted to Pinterest.  I haven’t posted much craft-like since I really started looking around there, I know, so here’s my round-up of what I’ve done inspired by things I saw on there.

I saw some baby pacifier moustaches and made those (pictured in the previous baby shower post), then adapted them for big boys as well.  They’ve been quite the hit.

I posted this one to Facebook, but this was the T-shirt scarf I made.  I’ve since made it in two other colors.  I have to say: 1) it looks so much better with a new t-shirt rather than an old faded one and 2) make sure your fabric is absolutely regular t-shirt material.  I did one that had extremely subtle ribs in the fabric which I didn’t notice until I did the stretching.  It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t as cute, in my opinion.  I also tried the other one linked here where it’s manymany stretched bits of cut shirt, but it was not cute at all, so I took no pictures.

I got the idea for placing the poster board on the TV screen and tracing my cartoon character to make a poster off pinterest.  (Yes, you’ve seen this before on the birthday party post, but I didn’t give pinterest the credit.)  I didn’t keep the link or I’d post it here.

I made a reading nook for the kids (& their friends) behind Greg’s bed using the edge of the shelf and the edge of the nearby dresser for the curtain to spring-rod into.  The curtain is kid height, so parents can look straight in, but they are curtained off from brothers.  🙂

I had this old cork board that has lived various places in our house for years.  It was never quite big enough for hanging regular sized pieces of paper on, but it’s perfect as a board for notes on who we’re praying extra for this week.  🙂

Used my Pinterest-enhanced spray painting skills to paint this TV tray so it can go with my living room in my new reading nook.  🙂

Ok, so you can’t see it too clearly, but I had never thought about hanging extra seasonal stuff from my chandelier before Pinterest.  Sad, but true.  I don’t have a link to go with this.   I’ll post another photo later of it decked out for winter.

I did my hair differently for Thanksgiving, using a suggestion I found on Pinterest.  I think it turned out cute.  🙂

I thought these signs were so cute, so I made one of my own.  I used an old project (the scrapbook-paper covered cookie sheet with clothespins I made in MOPS a couple years ago, but never used for anything) and made it new with a little sign and socks.  Sadly, these were the cutest socks to be found in our household.  Also sadly I still have a whole basket of mismatched socks in my bedroom.

I saw lots and lots of glitter painted branches on Pinterest.  I thought I’d grabbed a can of silver glitter, but alas it was red inside.  It’s a really subtle look, very hard to see or photograph.  The branches are sitting in the broken-topped compost bin.  (Nick bought a new one already that’s bigger and easier to clean.)

I know most of you see something like this every day, but I’ve lived in this house 8 years and never had a vehicle that fit into our ridiculously short garage. (I’d hoped to get this done after the garage sale in August, but the garage was still too full.)  I read an article through Pinterest on just getting over yourself and getting the work done.  So I did.  🙂

You might have seen this in one of the other photos, but I found this image on Pinterest.  The link itself lead to nothing (sometimes they do that), but the image was cute, printed out okay, and looks nice matted & framed in my hallway.  (Sorry for the bad photo.)

We discovered on Pinterest that you could use regular metal cookie cutters as pancake shapers.  We used a moose cutout for this one, but the legs fell off as we took it out.  I say “we” but really it was Ben poking the moose out.  😉  He was a great helper!  🙂

I made these t-shirt pom-pom necklaces for friends this year.  (Sorry if you’re seeing this before being gifted.  We had a random extra mom at playgroup this week and it felt awkward to gift the old friends without gifting the new one. ) They were a wonderful use of the extra bits of shirts leftover from the scarf making.

I made these from another one of the dead-end posts on Pinterest.  I saw the pattern, but there were no instructions, so I made it up as I went along, adding leaves, beads, & pins on the back.  The first couple were made out of tail ends of other projects, but the rest were made to purpose.  They’re for teachers gifts this year (well, all except one teacher.  David reminded me that a man probably wouldn’t appreciate these. *sigh* )

Another kind of dead-end post activity.  This one was linked to a blog in another language.  I think this may have been something she purchased.  In any case, no instructions there.  I made mine out of a cardboard box that was destined for the recyclers, some silver paint from another project, recycled ribbon from a gift bag, other ribbon that I never could find a use for due to it’s weird color, and a photocopy of the Sugar Plum Fairy music for easy piano, one of my favorite childhood pieces.

We made these shrinky dinks from #6 plastic, the kind you generally find pastries in at the grocery store.  It can’t be recycled in our area, so up til now we’ve been tossing these on the rare occasions that we buy pastries.  (My parents buy them more often, so I’ve been dumpster diving over there.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.) Anyways, the kids have LOVED this activity, so we’ll be on the lookout for bigger pieces so we don’t have to use the crinky edges again (those weird looking ones in the middle.)

This last one was probably the least successful of my Pinterest inspired things.  The instructions said to use a protractor, and I’m fairly certain we didn’t have one.  That’s not what bugged me about it, actually.  What bugged me was the super fine glitter I used.  It went everywhere, stuck to everything BUT the snowflake.  Then the leftovers didn’t want to go back into the jar.  So, the moral of the story, don’t buy cheapo Wal-Mart glitter.  (Also, I need a better way to hang it from the brick.)

So there it is.  You’d wondered where I’d been: Pinterest.  Looks pretty good, yes?

The beginning of the insanity

So after the Boring Post of Boringness, things finally got interesting.

Thursday morning I kept Ben home from school because he had to go in and have a pulpectomy, which is basically a smaller version of a root canal. His little tooth was mildly infected, so they drilled it and put a silver cap on it. He said “it was terrible” and promises to floss more now. Here he is with the funny mask they put on him for the nitrous oxide:


We were going to go straight home for him to rest, but he was antsy so we went to the mall and looked for a present for his grandparents while we waited for him to stop being drooly and start being able to eat. Once he’d regained feeling, I fed him lunch (his lunch time is really early and he wasn’t done being numb by then)and took him back to school. I took no pictures of his drooliness by his request. Then I headed off for my piano lessons and the rest of the day.

Friday morning I got a text from my long lost friend Monaca asking us to go out for coffee, so we headed out to Einstein’s bagels. (If you sign up for their e-club they’ll send you a coupon for a free bagel with schmear with any drink purchase. I also have a refill cup there, so my refill only cost $1, which wasn’t quite as good as the promised 50c refills, but better than $2+ for coffee. No, I’m not being reimbursed by them to say this. I also signed up with Panera Bread for their card and got a free pastry coupon from them, too.) Greg got an “everything” bagel with strawberry cream cheese on it. It was pretty gross. My whole wheat with onion spread was delicious. From there we left for our regular Friday playgroup. This time we met at Pollard Park, which we’ve been going to since before Ben was born. It’s gotten pretty run down in its wooden seating areas, but the playground itself is in great condition, so the kids love it there.  It was much cooler at the park than it was at my house.  I’m surprised Greg didn’t freeze to death (he had a jacket and refused to wear it).  I ended up wearing someone else’s blanket as a shawl the whole time we were there.


My parents came into town again, so we hung out with them after school (though not that night, as Nick was making chili and I was baking cookies) and the next morning helped them put up lights outside. The kids, naturally, ran around and tried to drown each other in leaves.



That night was the Chili-Cook-off and Sing-Along at church. Nick made a super yummy, super spicy chili for the event. He won 2nd place!



We all had a great time singing along and enjoying the entertainment afterwards as well. I love live music, so it was a super fun event for me.



I admit to not taking any of these photos. I was too busy enjoying the event. They were either taken by Lupe Gonzales or Laura Moody or maybe even both. I am so fortunate to have facebook friends who take event photos and let me mooch off of them.  The kids sitting in front of us (I don’t know their names, as they’re not from our immediate church,but were visiting from nearby) were hysterical.  They danced and danced.  Our kids actually got up on stage and sung with the whole group at some point as well.





Sunday my mom, dad, and I left the boys at home with Nick and went off to do our Christmas shopping. It was CRAZY out there. I hate shopping near the holidays. Afterward we came home and the kids and I cleaned up the house while Nick cooked. Then my parents came over for our special birthday dinner for my dad.


I love this next photo because my dad figured out that if you time it just right, it seems like you’re blowing out the light-up candles on this bag. He’d press the button, let the song play, then say “Blow them out!” and Greg would blow on the bag and the lights would stop. It was so cute!


Here’s a little preview of our winter décor (another post on that another day, I promise):



Monday was another day with A. It was, of course, raining, so we had to figure out some indoor things to do.


I was beginning to realize at this point that I was having an RA flare, so I convinced everyone to go to scouts all together in one car at one time that night instead of me coming up and bringing someone halfway through the evening and taking someone else home. It was so very nice not to drag myself out of the house again. Oh so nice. Incidentally, the kids got all their reading done this week. Haha. Evil mommy plan worked.

Tuesday I spent getting my stuff ready for gifting. I did all the purchasing and cutting for crafts I planned on gluing on Thursday. I did not take pictures of this process. Aren’t you surprised? Teehee. Afterwards I went to the library for volunteering and took a picture of my favorite literary tree:



Tuesday night was a joint performance between our school and one other’s 2nd & 3rd graders of a program called “Flakes.” Ben was sad he didn’t get a speaking part, but he’ll have other chances.

Ben before with friends (they were supposed to be dressed for cold weather):


Ben during (see why it’s a good thing I took a before picture – my camera couldn’t handle the lighting differences and distance):


Nick and Greg watching the program (I thought I took one of David and the friends we sat with during the program, but can no longer find that photo. I wonder if he deleted it. He was cranky that night.):


I was going to post a video of the program, but I’ll be honest here: you can’t see my Ben (or the kids next to him, for that matter) at all. The kid in front of him was a) taller than him and b) wearing a huge hat (which they’d said they wouldn’t let kids wear, but with 300 kids up there, no one was paying attention to that). It was ridiculous, but there’s nothing I could do about it. The program was cute enough, but you don’t want to spend 20 minutes watching a shaky video where you don’t see Ben, right? Right. Moving on.

Yesterday was another day with A. It was freezing cold, literally, as evidenced by this ice we found in the back yard flower pots:


We were supposed to go to the library again, but it was Circus Day and A. professed a fear of clowns, so we stayed home and played inside and sprayed ourselves with colored hairspray.  And told each other silly secrets.  That was important.  And silly.



This morning we got up and, inspired by a friends pictures on facebook, made fancy pancakes.


We also made heart shaped ones and a reindeer. Ben helped me with a lot of the process: measuring, mixing, pouring batter into the pan, and keeping the already made pancakes warm while I made more.

And now I must run off and finish my gift crafting or no one will be getting presents for Christmas. 😉

BabyCon 2011

One of my best friends is having a baby next month and I got to throw her a baby shower.  I say “I” but really it was a committee planned event.  Way back in August our sci-fi/fantasy group from college got together and had a “family” reunion.  We were sitting around chatting about the forthcoming baby and the subject of a shower came up.  “Oh, my friend S is throwing one” said the baby mama.  A group of us looked at her in horror.  “WHO?!”  “My friend that I eat lunch with once a week.”  None of us knew her, and no offense to her, if WE didn’t know her, then she would not be throwing OUR shower.  And so the committee was formed.  I was asked to wrangle the group, as we live all over the place and we all have loads of obligations, but I at least don’t have a paying daytime gig, so I got to be the wrangler.  Whee!

So what do we sci-fi/fantasy/horror people do for fun?  We go to Cons (conventions for you Mundanes).  We decided that nothing would do better for our former Art Show Director than a mini-con baby shower.  We spent days and weeks discussing what our con would have and this, my friends, is what we ended up with.
BabyCon2011 Invitation

Our con had an Art Show, Dealers Room (the room with the giant gift table), Panels (about babies & child raising), Name Badges (random silliness), & Con Suite.  I made themed signs to show guests what each room was for (what’s a con without room signs?).

Panels included: Naming Your Geek Baby, Steampunk Your Baby, and Name that Celebrity Baby.
We listed our favorite weird names (best name “Awesome Danger”) aloud during the Naming Your Geek Baby game.  The people that got the most laughs from the GoH won.  Winners of both that game and the Celebrity Baby game got to take home the frames from the celebrity game.  We also spent quite a bit of time just talking about our baby & kid raising experiences.  The Steampunk game was mostly just something to do while the other panels were going on.  I’m going to make a little activity book out of the pieces of the steampunk game for the baby once he arrives.

Art Show had both an Amateur Track (art by me and my kids) and a Professional Track (art by our incredibly talented friend Kay).  We were going to have a silent auction and even put out bid sheets, but ended up doing a live auction with Monopoly money.  One of the kids that was there was really stiff competition.  He got most of my art.  He’s three. *sigh*

Con Suite had PB&J sushi rolls, several kinds of candy, cheese, crackers, Yoda Soda, and a giant Delta Psi Phi onesie cake & Converse booties.

Later, of course, there was time for gifts.  Some of the favorites were ones I made:   Baby’s First CosPlay Villain Mustache Pacifiers (idea from here)

and Baby’s First Con Shirt:

The Guest of Honor and her U.F.O. had a great time.  “Thank you, everyone! I was not expecting a complete, elaborate con. That was amazing and SUCH fun!”  🙂