Trying to Keep Up

I'm sure you've been wondering where I've been lately. Here's the scoop: Toward the end of 2018, just before my mother passed away, I joined a local professional writing group. I've spent the last year waiting for a spot in one of their critique groups to open up, and meantime I (and my friend E … Continue reading Trying to Keep Up

Book Making Weekend

One of my best friends and I made books this weekend. She took a four-day workshop on it and graciously offered to have me down for the weekend and teach me her new skills. I forgot to take a picture of the book press, which is large, red, and dusty from having sat in someone's … Continue reading Book Making Weekend

Dylan & Tristan’s Birthday

Got up and started driving before at 6am to see the little twin humans on their 1st birthday. Spent the day with Katherine & the twins, hugged the Kelly between her classes, and then drove back home. It took 2.5 hours to get there and nearly 4 to get home [plus a stop for food … Continue reading Dylan & Tristan’s Birthday

Hello again!

I have let this blog flounder for far too long and today is my first day back at it.  We have had a wacky, crazy year. I'm not even sure that I should try to summarize it, but find myself wanting to. Let's start where I left off... oh my. Okay. That's a rough place … Continue reading Hello again!

Beach vacation = writing time

Every year at this time, my little family takes a break from work and school and goes on a church-sanctioned trip somewhere that we get to choose. Some years we go to the beach (my preference), sometimes to the mountains (my husband's), and sometimes we stay close to home due to circumstances beyond our control. … Continue reading Beach vacation = writing time

Spring Break

When we were planning Spring Break originally, Nick wasn't taking time off. I'd thought about going to see my parents or staying here...and then at the weekend we had a Teen Regional Weekend for church.  Plans changed. Nick looked at the schedule and realized this was a great time to a) do our family vacation … Continue reading Spring Break

End of December, NY Resolutions, and all that jazz

I'm having trouble with the fact that it's 2013 already for some reason. Most years I am quite happy to let the new year come, but this year just felt like it went by so slowly and quickly and unsatisfactorily that I can't believe that it is over. So let's catch up first on the … Continue reading End of December, NY Resolutions, and all that jazz

Don’t Just Talk About It, Days 13,14, & 15

When I first made my list earlier this month, I had no idea that I'd end up having the kind of week I have scheduled ahead of me.  Monday I have a two-hour webinar for scouts, Tuesday I'm going to spend all day driving to and from Dallas with David, getting his back checked for … Continue reading Don’t Just Talk About It, Days 13,14, & 15

Week of craziness

(One day soon I hope to come up with better titles…we’ll see.) Thursday last we had a double crazy day.  I baked 6 dozen cookies over the course of the day, those yummy apple caramel cider ones I did last week, but this time with the chunk caramel rather than the bits.  Oh what a … Continue reading Week of craziness

End of the week & weekend

The first Thursday of the month with had a playdate after school with Greg's pal E. and his brothers. We had 7 kids amongst two moms. It was great! The next day we had a playdate at DSP with Greg's friend Kya. There were only 6 kids amongst 3 moms this time. 😉 I'm always … Continue reading End of the week & weekend