Last Week at the Blue House of Joy

In between the arm breaking and fall festival shopping craziness, things still did get done around here. I got a plastic dresser from the clearance rack at Wal-mart (bright turquoise) for Greg's closet and got his stuff moved over and Ben's moved down. Now they have a shared Treasure Drawer and Ben has three drawers … Continue reading Last Week at the Blue House of Joy

Life goes on…

You know what? I thought I'd post more once I got out of my hectic-working-two-part-time-jobs-and-pta-president lifestyle. It turns out that I just don't. I want to, and I mean to, but then things just go on and it doesn't get done because it's not on my calendar of things to do. So what have I been … Continue reading Life goes on…

What I’m doing this year

People are asking, so here we go:I didn't "quit" the PTA, despite how gleeful I might be about stepping down from President-status. I'm still going to Student Health Advisory Committee meetings and am acting as a Council Delegate for at least the middle school PTA (and I've offered to do the same for the elementary school, … Continue reading What I’m doing this year


Getting back on The FlyLady bandwagon and getting my house/life/sanity under control. Spring Break was fabulous, but the cleanup is going to take a while. Have had a nice last few days at home. It is so good to finally be at home and get things done that need doing. I've updated my household notebook … Continue reading Flying!

Create more

I'm finally getting around to the "Create more" portion of "Pin-free February!" The first thing I'm trying to "create more" of is less chaos.  🙂  I know that sounds weird, but that's the first thing on my list.  So I've been emptying bins around the house and making sure that they are filled with what … Continue reading Create more

Little things

David stayed home Friday, so we stayed home and I did some little things I'd been meaning to get to (photo editing, making appointments, etc.) 🙂 Greg helped Nick make dinner that night, which was super cute. :)Then later Nick and I had a wine & cheese night. 🙂 It was lovely. Yesterday was a … Continue reading Little things

More organizing

I promised more organizing for the next day's post and many days have gone by and I can't remember any more what I organized, so I'm looking through my pictures to help me remember: Honestly, I've gotten nothing else done since then, except a tiny bit in my makeup & hair boxes.  Steph and I … Continue reading More organizing

January Projects

As you know, I go crazy in January and start cleaning and organizing everything in sight.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's the cold, rainy weather.   Yesterday I tackled my hallway bathroom closet, which I guess could also be called my linen closet.   Before:   During: After several hours and possibly a billion … Continue reading January Projects

Don’t Just Talk About It, Days 6, 7, 16, & 17

Day 6 I was supposed to clean under the bed. Cleaning under the bed was mostly easy.  I took all the junk out & put it in the holding basket, then put it all away. Dusted under the bed, then slid the already tidy drawers back in.   Here’s where the cleaning bit gets messy. … Continue reading Don’t Just Talk About It, Days 6, 7, 16, & 17

Iheartorganizing’s Project Purge: Week 2: The Kitchen

I was a bit nervous to start in the kitchen, as I really didn’t think there was much in there that needed to go after all that tidying I did in January.  Boy was I wrong!   Project Purge: Kitchen Edition VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Photo1: In 2009 I only had one apron, that … Continue reading Iheartorganizing’s Project Purge: Week 2: The Kitchen