I guess I should catch up with the rest of the week first.  All righty then!   Wednesday I went to the doctor for my physical.  We talked about many things, like my meds (they've changed), my blood pressure (it's happy), my anxiety (lessened by meds, yay!), weight loss (uh, yeah), and my heart condition, … Continue reading Weeeeeeekend!

Why does February always suck?

So hey, it's February, and so therefore we have the Plague.  David has this on again off again stomach virus at least one day every week since the end of January.   Ben & Nick have been coughing, but seem okay for the most part. Greg has been snotty & feverish and coughing for a solid … Continue reading Why does February always suck?

“We started right here, in the ovary”

I hate giving subject lines for these posts, especially when I'm just updating about everything.  Maybe I should go back and retitle this "More of everything" Hmm. David has been doing a lot of scouts stuff from his book, which means that all of us have been doing a lot of scouts stuff because you … Continue reading “We started right here, in the ovary”

another old photo

mybookshelfinjrhigh Originally uploaded by awamiba. This is my bookshelf sometime in junior high. See the wallpaper? DID NOT WANT. Yes, I did have an addiction to adopted fake children. And yes, I have always been untidy. You all knew that. :)Originally published at tigersquirrels.net.

…more drop-in visitors

My parents came to visit today. I wasn't quite expecting them. I mean, they call and say "Maybe we'll be up next week, if we feel okay and the weathers not bad and nobody is visiting us here" and then they say nothing about it until the day before they're coming and then it's all … Continue reading …more drop-in visitors