Quantifiable things

1. I have exercised this week.  I’m stretching each morning and trying not to fall on my face. I’m following the Workout Trainer App on my Android and while I’m not in love with it, it’s better than nothing for a free exercise course to get me started.  Also, my friend Monaca and I agreed that we’re not getting any skinnier meeting for sweet rolls and floofy drinks, so we’re going to try walking in the future around Rose Rudman trails instead.

This is not Rose Rudman, but a walking trail close to home that I can use in the evenings. And these are the sweet kids playing there.

2. I have figured out a better daily schedule, but it includes me getting up at 5am.  Umm.  I’m not getting ahead on that plan, so I re-revised it and now I’m getting up at 5:30 and doing the aforementioned exercising in the comfort of my own room. Whee!  I’m also writing a bit more, not fiction yet, but daily stuff and a little poetry that’s rattling around in my brain lately.  Also taking care of the kids and trying to make life more sane.

3. I’m doing a Bible study off the YouVersion app and answering its questions. Not as good as going to one with other people, but way better for scheduling.  For real people, I’m going to a weekly book study on Raising Resilient Children (that’s the authors website).  It’s a really good book and has challenged me to respond better to my children.

A good book about child rearing.  Go, read it!  :)

4. Today I’m booking our trip to the UK for June.  Thursday night Nick and I are discussing our hotel options and more detailed itinerary.  Whee! (Two goals for the price of one?)

5.  I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app for the iPhone, since the SparkPeople app cost a ridiculous amount of money for the update (it used to be free).  So now I have two fitness pals (one a very skinny lady indeed and one person who I don’t remember at the moment) and I can track my food weirdnesses.  Whee!

See, we're eating healthier already!  :)
See, we’re eating healthier already! 🙂

6. There is never going to be a #6.

7.  Scaling back on the internet, I figured out how to add people to my acquaintances list on Facebook, so they practically never show up.  It even suggested people.  Some of them I didn’t acquantintize.  Yeah, not a word.  Whatever.  Also, set all my newsreader subscriptions to Mark All Read so I’m not tempted to try to catch up and so am just starting over.  I may dump some, we shall see.  I also set my FB notifications to archive immediately so I’m not having to see them all the time.

Greetings world!

I’m working on the blog over the next day or so.  I got some really icky comments from some really icky seeming people this week and I’m rethinking the blog format and how to keep my little family safe and secure while still sharing with y’all some of the fun and crafty and book reading that goes on here.  So for now, my posts are mostly private.  Come on back in a week or so and I’ll have a big unveiling.  🙂



In the mail…

Over the winter break, I entered into a give-away over at Embracing and Being Embraced.  I don’t normally enter give-aways, as I never, ever win anything, but this time the give-away was for something I really wanted, so I thought I’d give it a try.  So imagine my joy when I got a message from the lovely Shanda saying I’d won!  🙂  The prize: a $20 credit towards merchandise from DaySpring.  I had to use it by December 31st, but I waited until after Christmas to try to get some post-Christmas-sales goodies.  I went and agonized for literally days over finding just the right items and placed my order December 30th.  I had the option to get FedEx or USPS to ship it for the same price and as I’d never tried FedEx before, I decided to be bold and try it.


Fast forward to today.  The doorbell rings and I hear a “thud” on my doorstep.  Look closely at the note, it’s funny:

(For those that didn’t click on it: the note, which I’m assuming should have been stuck to my front door, said that my package had been delivered to my front door.  Hilarious!)


I brought it in, happily finding a pair of scissors to open it right away, and not even slicing myself open along with the package.  😉  Here’s what I saw:

It looked good, really good.  (But wait, there’s only one spiral bound item in the box!  I accidentally ordered the wrong journal…but this one is super cute, too.)


I totally heart Holley Gerth, can you tell?  I used my credit towards: 1 thing for me (the journal), 1 thing for the family (the perpetual calendar), 1 thing to share (the book), and 1 thing to bless others (the inspirational cards).  I think I did pretty well.  Thanks so much, Shanda!


Again, again

I keep trying to post this, but then I wander off, the computer reboots, the post gets erased, and nothing gets posted.  *sigh*  I suppose that is the universe’s way of telling me to leave certain things unsaid.  (Or something.)

So here are the important parts: The kids are alive, well, and hysterically funny.  Nick is, too, but maybe not as funny as the kids. He’s taken up bike riding, long distance.   We are all happy and well.  I’ve quit my mom’s group after 7.5 years of membership and discovered who my friends really are, which in some ways is interesting & amazing and other ways predictable (but lovely nonetheless).   Both Nick’s dad and my dad have been in the ER in the last month, nothing really awful, but signs are pointing both of them in the direction of “slow down,” which neither of them intend to do.   I’m on yet another medicine for my RA/fibromyalgia, big kids are in school & thriving & the smallest kid starts school next week, and I’m going back to writing in my now-more-copious amounts of spare time.  That, really, is all.


Thoughts in 140 characters

  1. Happy Binary Palindrome Day!! (01-11-10)
  2. Typing up my weekend writing progress. dododo
  3. Have moved all books off of three (1 big, 2 small) kids shelves, moved tall shelf into kids room. Now to put all the books back on shelves.
  4. Umm…someone from Tuscaloosa, AL just sent us a baby picture. Would someone like to claim this cute, cute baby picture? 🙂


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…apparently my new twitter cross-poster is not cross-posting. How sad. I think most of you follow me on Twitter or Facebook though, so I guess it’s not much of a loss.

This week I’ve been obsessing about writing. Update at http://awamiba.dreamwidth.org/

Other than that, there’s been a lot of cleaning/organizing/tidying and kid silliness and playing the Wii (I’m into Super Mario Wii and D&B are into Lego Indiana Jones Wii and Greg is doing Ni Hao Kai Lan Wii game). I read one book last weekend, but the one I’m reading now — some travel memoir — I keep misplacing. I downloaded a bunch of stuff for free for the Kindle iPhone app, so I’ll start reading on that while I wait during pick-up time next week.

I’ve finished watching the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory and loved it. Sadly, I can’t get the first half of the current season anywhere legal, so I’m starting that mid-season when it comes back on. Also watched “Cranford” and “Little Dorrit” on Masterpiece Classic on PBS once again. Wondering why MC can’t be on PBS regularly instead of just at the first of the year.

Finally convinced David to read something not Star Wars related for school reading time for the first time in 3 years. He’s reading 13 Ways to Sink a Sub by Jamie Gilson, which I loved as a child. Not sure why I loved it. Not a clue, but it’s cute. He has to read aloud to us for 20 minutes each night, so I’m lining up my favorite exciting childhood stories for that. Nick reads the kids some Hardy Boys each weekend night & I read all the shorter books the rest of the week. Greg gets his own story time during the day as well. He picked out a book called My Book Box at the store today & we’ve read it four times since 2pm. 🙂

And now it’s time to go pay attention to my husband….

Switching things up a bit

Part of the reason I’ve not felt like blogging has been this overwhelming busyness combined with a general ennui caused by the everydayness of said busyness.  So I’ve let my brain know that I don’t necessarily have to post life things any more if I don’t feel like it.  I mean, that’s what tweets are for, right?  Hehehe.

In the future I’m going to use the dreamwidth account for the writing/projects/brain stuff only, and the livejournal for more personal daily stuff.  I’m awamiba either place.