Keyboard Tracing

While waiting at the hairdresser, I read an alarming article this morning that claimed that my mechanical keyboard was putting me in danger of having my writing stolen. So naturally I had to go try out the software they said was so advanced that every sound of a touch on my keyboard could be tied to an exact letter.

The “sentence” I typed, which could only be lowercase and spaces, no other characters, was this: “the dark sky really looks bad she said altering the way she looked at the code on her phone”

There were seven pages of one sentence results and these were the closest ones:
1. “he see and i was the of little and the soon of the their press alreally in there water inter been a ”
2. “h walls none and streemed iioie hthe latter anhere in the that and the see this worth they really o”
3. ” c s of there and and looked to ea and therent of it and i had feeling seen this the s and rho”

Whee! Needless to say, my fears have been allayed.

Printing Woes

My printer doesn’t love me. It always messes up when printing the second side of things. Grr. This makes me angry. At least the baby is asleep…don’t have to worry about him. I’m very happy that this font is printing out better than the last time I printed something that appeared this way on the screen–that time I couldn’t read the printout no matter how I tried.

I don’t feel like I have energy to do critiques though. Usually I look forward to new stories to read. *sigh* These are both long ones, using up all my white paper. Need to buy more. *adding to grocery list*