Last week I got invited to be a guest on the Authorpreneurs Unleashed podcast! I have to admit, y’all, that I was soooo nervous about it. While I’ve gotten better at public speaking over the years, I always worry about saying “umm” too much or waving my hands around wildly. Kathryn McClatchy was a great podcast host and made it all so very easy, sending tips and tricks ahead of time so I knew how to prepare, and helping me feel at ease in the recording session today. It was such a wonderful experience! If you ever get a chance to be on her podcast: say YES! 🙂 And if not, just go listen; it is chock full of fun guests and great information for writers.

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The topic for my guest experience was Nano-tactics, for National Novel Writing Month, which you all know is one of my favorite parts of the year as a writer. The episode is scheduled to drop on Sunday, October 23, 2022, and will be episode #15. I’ll post a direct link to it when it becomes available. 🙂