Books & Movies

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I’m currently reading three books at once (not to mention the two that I just finished). One is “Healing Mind, Healthy Woman,” another is “Sweeping Changes,” and the third is “The Feeling Good Handbook.” Yes, I’m on a self-help kick.

The two books I just finished were both fluffy books by Alice Hoffman. I think it’s funny how I just don’t like anything she wrote besides Practical Magic. *sigh*

Nick is currently reading “How You Can Survive When They’re Depressed.” It’s to help him cope with me. Yes, I bought it for him. Yes, I’m reading it too. Nick doesn’t see how this relates to us at all, as my current depression doesn’t seem to be affecting his life. *another sigh*

Nick and I sat at home and watched “Pearl Harbor” last night. Well, I say I watched it. I really only watched the scenes related to the love triangle and anything that was subtitled. I don’t know why I read the subtitled parts. I just did.

I wasn’t fond of the movie. The love triangle part was too predictable. The war parts were just boring. I’m not going to watch it again. Nick can if he wants.