This week at the library…

Books we checked out this week:

For the kids:

Ellsworth’s extraordinary electric ears and other amazing alphabet anecdotes  by Fisher, Valorie.

Izzy and Skunk  by Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise. *

Grandpa takes me to the moon  by Gaffney, Timothy R.

Dinner at Magritte’s  by Garland, Michael,

The stupids take off  by Allard, Harry.

There’s something at the mail slot  by Alborough, Jez.

Ida and the wool smugglers  by Alderson, Sue Ann.

Miss Nelson has a field day  by Allard, Harry.

Henrietta the clumsy hippo  by Greaves, John.  *

Basil Brush builds a house  by Firmin, Peter

For me: 

The monsters of Templeton  by Groff, Lauren.

The *’s are for books we’ve checked out more than once.  Here’s our method of choosing books.  It happens one of three ways; either a) Ben or David has a subject in mind.  We spend forever finding books in this category that are actually on the shelves.  This does not work often.  b) Ben &/or Greg go through the shelves and drag things out at random. c) I get fed up, pull off anything I can find in either New Kids Fiction or in the Awards Kids section.  My own method of choosing books is either a) looking endlessly in the catalogue & find something I want & then search fruitlessly through the shelves, where the book is never at or b) go to “New Fiction” or “New Non-Fiction” and laugh maniacally when I find things from 1998 or 1993, then check them out, because really, it could be worse.