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Welcome new friends!

Hello there everyone! *waves*

So Facebook & LJ got together and decided to cross post this morning, so I’m already seeing an upswing in traffic & be-friending.  It’s so exciting to have new people in the audience.

A few notes on this blog:
-I really don’t post a whole lot, maybe once a week.
-my twitter feed cross-posts daily, but behind a cut because most of you either a) read my twitter updates or b) read my facebook updates (which are the same thing because twitter cross-posts to facebook already)
-I mainly post in order to keep track of our daily life for my own personal reasons, like going back & scrapbooking later or what-have-you.  So some of this may be way more detail than you really want to read.
-some stuff I never get around to posting about
-some things I post about, then change my mind about & delete, or go back and edit and edit and edit, adding or subtracting as I please.  It’s my journal, I get to do that.
-Everything older than a year gets privatized, both because of spam issues and because, well, what’s passed is past and I like to keep it that way mostly.
-If you don’t want me posting about you or your kids or your pets or whatever, please let me know.  I try not to mention people by name anyway, unless they’ve already said yes, but sometimes I slip up.  Just send me a message as to what & where I’ve made a mess of things and I’ll be glad to tidy them up.
-Once I can figure a way to stop this cross-posting, I will, so if you’re really interested in keeping up with me, please bookmark this site or put it in your feedreader.


*curtsies and wanders off*

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Lisa Holcomb graduated from Texas A&M University in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in English. She resides in East Texas with her husband, 3 boys, and 2 cats. She writes fantasy and science fiction for both young adult and adult audiences. She has written for numerous blogs, newsletters, and the occasional poetry magazine. She has spent the last couple decades blogging at various websites about growing up adopted and living and parenting with chronic illness, finally combining it all into one blog at Her first full length novel is nearing completion.