Welcome new friends!

Hello there everyone! *waves*

So Facebook & LJ got together and decided to cross post this morning, so I’m already seeing an upswing in traffic & be-friending.  It’s so exciting to have new people in the audience.

A few notes on this blog:
-I really don’t post a whole lot, maybe once a week.
-my twitter feed cross-posts daily, but behind a cut because most of you either a) read my twitter updates or b) read my facebook updates (which are the same thing because twitter cross-posts to facebook already)
-I mainly post in order to keep track of our daily life for my own personal reasons, like going back & scrapbooking later or what-have-you.  So some of this may be way more detail than you really want to read.
-some stuff I never get around to posting about
-some things I post about, then change my mind about & delete, or go back and edit and edit and edit, adding or subtracting as I please.  It’s my journal, I get to do that.
-Everything older than a year gets privatized, both because of spam issues and because, well, what’s passed is past and I like to keep it that way mostly.
-If you don’t want me posting about you or your kids or your pets or whatever, please let me know.  I try not to mention people by name anyway, unless they’ve already said yes, but sometimes I slip up.  Just send me a message as to what & where I’ve made a mess of things and I’ll be glad to tidy them up.
-Once I can figure a way to stop this cross-posting, I will, so if you’re really interested in keeping up with me, please bookmark this site or put it in your feedreader.


*curtsies and wanders off*

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